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In today’s world when almost 60-70 % of people is active on internet and so many of them are directly or indirectly related to a job which works online and when you think about online work the first thing which comes into my mind is freelance because these works are done at home at your rules with the payment you want. In this industry there are lots of players who are serving the facility to consumers and the workers but when an platform grows the structure of that platform also increase to high level and it goes always form so many people.
In the new era of decentralised platforms there and effort by State of The Dapps to rank decentralised platforms. Where I find a platform for freelance work which CanWorkand this is very impressive dapp for freelancers.

what is CanWork


As you now know from the introduction this is an platform for freelancers to work. On this platform you can find some great talent to write content online , for coding and you can also find software engineers in this platform and many for freelance workers are available on CanWork go and check out if you need someone for work.
The big thing on this platform there is only 1% fee for workers which very less compare to any other who charges 20-30% fee for these services. Still after these high numbers in fee some insecurity still exists but compared to CanWork there are no insecurities as it works on blockchain. So no middleman and only 1% fee this is enough for me to join this platform.

How to get started

Getting started with CanWork is very simple just go on the website click on the top right and you will get options to choose methods using which you can start making your profile.


When you are getting started you should know why you are here to perform job or to find worker for you when you know that simple go ahead


After that you have to complete your profile for the verification of that you are an real person or not this is the last step you are going to perform and it is verified by DAO team of CanWork.

Payment options

This dapp is works on its native platform token Canya which is ERC-20 token so you can use MyEtherWaller(MEW) for all kind of payments you want to perform on this platforms.
And now you can also use credit cards for the payments.

The good about the dapp

• this dapp is first its kind of decentralised platforms to avail this service
• working fee on this platform is very-very low 1%
• provides great security to both parties
• the interface is also good

the bad about this dapp

• the number of active parties are low as it’s marketing strategy are not that great


This dapp is very impressive to me but the majority of people who works for freelance don’t know about it so it’s an disadvantage for this platform. The team has to work on this the overall things are great I will give this 4.6/5

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