Family Bonding Over A Boner : April Aniston and Olivia Austin

Olivia Austin has been a really unhappy wife lately. She feels like her husband never pays attention to her anymore. Maybe it is because he has been paying so much attention to his stepdaughter, April Aniston, instead. But when things come to a head, Olivia gets down on her knees to give her husband an attention grabbing blowjob, all while April hides under the bed and listens to the whole thing. Later on, April cuddles up with her stepdad on the couch, and Olivia has had enough. She wants to teach the two of them a lesson, so she makes April strip and gag on her husbands hung hog. She pushes Aprils head down with her foot before demonstrating some of her own serious deepthroat skills. Then they take turns riding this lucky studs dong until both of them have had their fill of orgasmic pleasure. This is some serious family bonding! Do you think April and Olivia are a couple of babes? Let us know in the comments!

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Wow Olivia yes please.

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