Understanding the human aura.

It may be the case that some people can perceive the human aura. If this talent is genuine it could have a number of practical applications. For example, one may be able to judge the sincerity of others by observing this energy as if they possessed a natural lie detector. This skill could also be used to ascertain the location of persons who are beyond the reach of the traditional senses, similar to a soldier wearing infrared goggles. Also, gauging ones physical or mental health may be possible through the reading of this bodily emission. All of these uses, if real would provide a unique advantage over others in the favour of those blessed with this gift. For this reason, many of the world's militaries have devoted significant time to the study of these phenomena. Although it may seem farfetched it is not uncommon for the worlds security agencies to make inquiries in this direction. Generally speaking, any nations army aspires to train their units to the highest possible level of performance and will pursue whatever methods exist to achieve this goal. Historically the U.S. Armed Forces and their Russian counterparts have studied the supernatural extensively hoping to learn the secrets of those granted with special attributes. These investigations were particularly common during the Cold War with both sides fearing that the other may gain the upper hand and therefore pursuing similar research as a counter-initiative. Listed below is a file displaying the American governments monitoring of tests conducted by Soviet scientists into the Human Bio Electro Magnetic Field. Following that is a report discussing the effects that the Qi Gong mental state has on the mind and body (One may be inclined to believe that the practice of such meditative arts might help them to reach their full psychic potential). Finally, a third document is attached which originates from The Society of Psychical Research and discusses methods by which to study these heightened senses.




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