Difference in View Points!

“Difference of opinion is a clash, and to clash is a ‘weakness’.”
Dada Bhagwan

“View” is a very subjective term in philosophy. Different people can have different views and opinions about things. Your views might not match with your parents, friends or spouse. But is that an issue or a matter of concern? Let’s find out.

We all are born and brought up in different societies and cultures. What we think and understand depends a lot upon our surroundings. Our environment has a big hand in shaping our views. Not only the environment, our genetic background and hormones also play a key role in deciding our view points.

Now, with so many factors deciding an individual’s view point, how can we expect 2 people to have exactly the same thoughts.

You and your family/friends can have different opinions which can be drastically different. There’s no harm as long as we respect other person’s view point. We should always have the freedom to express our selves, our thought process but there should be no binding to accept others’. Similarly, we should also never expect someone to completely agree to our views.

Sometimes, we fight with our friends or spouses due do difference of opinion. We try to convince them on something that they have not been taught since their birth or something that’s not in their genes. Apparently, this is the biggest time waste. Why can’t we simply accept that there is a difference in opinion and move on. Live and let live.

So this is a very simple concept. Like it is impossible for 2 people to have exactly the same face, it is not possible to have the same feelings and expressions behind that face. If we all understand this and respect others’ opinions, live will be much more simpler.

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