Plastic Industry pollution Poisons Gulf Seafood

Julie Teel Simmonds has written an opinion to inform us how plastic pollution is poisoning the seafood on our dinner table.

The author states that:

The petro-plastic industry is embarking on a reckless expansion boom. Determined to turn the country’s oversupply of fracked natural gas into more throwaway packaging and products, industry plans to build or expand 80 facilities that turn fracked gas into plastic, including 48 in Texas.

Former shrimper Diane Wilson says plastic pollution is a major threat to the environment and seafood industry. Toxic pollutants adsorb into plastic, which, when eaten by marine life, can travel through the food web all the way to our dinner plates.

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26.07.2019 08:55

But what will you do? The throw away/waste society is created on purpose to make us buy and bit and buy. Everything here broke and if even a cucumber is wrapped in plastic.

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26.07.2019 11:28

Hi @wakeupkitty, thanks for your comment and concern. Every one of us should do try and do as much as possible to reduce plastic usage, spread the word and raise awareness at community and national level. Have a nice day.

26.07.2019 17:31