Buy Real Products with SBD or Steem - Trun Your Expenses Into Investment and Support Charity

We have opened an online shop on etsy and we will accept SBD and Steem for the products we offer in this shop.

Visit our online shop here:

If you want to pay with SBD or Steem, do not order the items on Etsy.

Calculate the equvalent of SBD or Steem and transfer the SBD or Steem to @successforall along with product name you want to buy in the message. If it is a physical product you have to include your shipping address in the message. You can also email us the order details and shipping address to

If it is a digital product we will DM you the download link.

We are implementing a business model in which everybody wins - Buyer, Seller and people in need through charity. This will be a win win win deal for everyone with the help of Steem Blockchain. We will reinvest part of the profit in steem and part of the profit from this investment will be paid back to the people who bought from our online shop, turning their expenses into an investment.

We shall also giveaway our own Steem-Engine Tokens, Tamil Charity Coin(TAMILCOIN) based on the amount they spend in our shop. The Tamil Charity Coin will be pegged to the Steem Power of the @tamilcharitycoin. You can cash out the Tamil Charity Coins you hold any time in the 's internal exchange or hodl them and continue to get profit. Or you can return your Tamil Charity Coins to us and will power down and pay you in Steem. It is up to you.

Even if you buy any items directly with fiat - your local currency - in our etsy online shop, you will be eligible for the Tamil Charity Coin giveaway and you will be supporting our charity work. Again, it is up to you whether you buy with SBD, Steem or fiat currency. You will still be turning your expenses into investment and supporting charity.

And part of the profit will be donated to @tamilcharitycoin to support the charity work.


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