I've Made Up My Mind... It's Time To FULLY Embrace Steem! (SPUD #9 + My Future On Steem)

My 2020 Vision Is Nothing But Steem 😍

Most of you won't know this, but I've been in a major funk the past couple of months. I've abandoned projects, I've stalled on updates & posts, I just felt kinda lost with my life.

Thankfully, after a bit of inner talking, I've finally come to the conclusion of who I want to be, and what I want to be doing.

Enough of all this sappy hippy talk, let's just be straight forward with each other as I explain why I believe in Steem, what I see in store for the future, and why I'm fully embracing Steem.


🤔 Is Crypto + Blockhain, as a whole, The Future?

Let's say you wanna make an app. It can be a banking solution, a payment system, a gaming experience, site / service, whatever. If you want to include any type of monitization in that app, you are immediately opening yourself up to headaches.

Crypto eliminates these problems. Ask for the user's wallet, send the coins, and that's it. Instant payment, confirmed, and immutable.

Now let's say you want to handle data, what to emphasize to your users that you're responsible with their data, and what to prevent fraud. Have fun rolling boring database security features and managing dev-ops teams when your project scales.

Or, use a blockchain (particularly Steem in this case), and rest assured that the hard part is done safe & sound for you. No trust, just code.

🥡 What is the future of tech, and why does this matter? Looking back at history it's clear to see that what gets adopted, is the shit that makes developer's lives fun & easier. Crypto & blockchain solutions fit that goal perfectly.

🤔 Does Steem Have Value?

Ethereum is currently the most popular dapp program out there. EOS is dying (and I have my own grips with it, which will make for a fun blog-rant in the future), no one can agree on what flavor Bitcoin should be the goto (obvious answer: OG bitcoin is best bitcoin), and Tron is currently know as the de facto gambling-scamming-shilling-chinese-clusterfuck (it's odd seeing the number of tweets still complaining about the skipped Warren Buffet lunch).

So, at the end, we should be comparing Steem with Ethereum. Why is Steem better?

  • Faster transactions
  • Cheaper / fee-free
  • Usernames rather than cryptic addresses
  • Integrated community
  • IMO, better / friendly development experience

But-But-But, Ethereum 2.0 is gonna fix-- Stop right there silly boy.

Will Ethereum 2.0 fix all that shit? Possibly. I'm not trying to be a dishonest fanboy here, it's very possible 2.0 gets fully released and completely changes the web forever. Where it stands currently, however, is a whole other story.

🥡 Steem already has the features that other blockchains are just now thinking about. Pro-Tip: The ones who win a race, are the ones who come in first.

🤔 How Do I Plan To Leverage Steem?

Every which way till Sunday.
I'll be writing blogs. I'll be posting art & comics. I'll be making games, dapps, and tools that utilize & promote Steem. I'm going to be so deep in the Steem-iverse, I may have to legally change my name to Steemcer ;^)

🥡 Content needs to not just mooch off of Steem's wonderful properties, it needs to encourage others to adopt it as well. I've thought long & hard about how exactly I plan to go about achieving that adoption, and I couldn't be more excited to share everything with you all soon... Very soon!

🤔 Steem's Shortcomings, And How To Navigate Them...

Put bluntly, I see 3 major issues currently on Steem:

  • Account creation / new user on-boarding
  • Resource credits / investment feels foreign & potentially risky to newcomers
  • Overall marketing

I have a plan to help with the 1st one, and fun idea to eliminate the uncomfortable feeling of the 2nd one, and I'm very confident that with the help of myself & several others on this platform the 3rd one will cease being an issue for 2020.

🥡 But low engagement! But downvotes! But scammers, spammers, and shitters! I'll give $1 million dollars (in the crypto of your choice), to anyone who points me towards a platform without these issues. You think Twitter users actually get upset enough at the spam & shit that happens over there to leave? YouTube literally is taking away people's paychecks, and, GASP, there's still YouTubers. A platform's users don't make or break the future potential. As for low-engagement, well... Why do you think I'm going to promote the shit out of Steem!


In Celebration Of SPUD9, I'm Powering-Up ***100 Steem*** 🥳

booo... 💩

But that's far from all!

I've stopped my power-down, and I plan (and by plan, I mean guaran-fucking-tee) to power-up lots more over the coming weeks + months. Oh and, of course, 100% of the rewards from this post are going to be powered ALL THE WAY UP!

More Blogs ✍️, More Projects ⚒️

2020 is going to be Spencer's content year!

I already have 3 different ideas that are being worked on, and tons more on the back-burner. I promise, these ideas & projects I'm working on will provide actual utility, actual adoption, and actual value to the chain. I'm not talking shit, stay tuned to see actual progress if you don't believe me. Being a skeptic is good, I encourage it, and I can't wait to show you the proof that I'm in this thing. Fully :^)


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Thanks for supporting #spud Just an fyi, per #spud9 prize rules you don't qualify for a chance at prizes this go around but you now meet the eligibility requirements for #spud10 Hope to see you then too... again thank you and Happy New Year 2020!

01.01.2020 14:46

Yeah, I realized I don't meet the prize requirements, that's alright though! Excited to do this again next month... and the month after... and again & again & again haha! :^)

02.01.2020 07:28

!sc ban
Identity thief.

01.01.2020 16:37
01.01.2020 16:37

...um, hey, I'm pretty sure you just made a mistake. I'm not doing any identity theft, wtf?

02.01.2020 06:42


01.01.2020 19:32

5 STEEM coming your way! :^) 🥔

02.01.2020 07:29

Alright! looks like you were unbanned too - congrats! XD

02.01.2020 23:19

Yup! A huge misunderstanding, but thankfully it's all resolved now :^)

03.01.2020 14:08

I can't find you on discord anymore - but I keep building on steem too! I have a partner fund - INCOME token - and I would love to hit a few birds and do an interview with you about what you are up to.

04.01.2020 14:20

Hey! I'm down to talk whenever :^)

You can find me on Twitter: StuffBySpencer, or my discord is ~spencer~#3319

Let me know when you're free! It'd be nice to catch up 👍

05.01.2020 11:54

Alright! I followed you on twitter but I couldn't find you on discord. I'm quite active in SBI discord but find me and friend me!

05.01.2020 22:07

Are you an identity thief StuffbySpencer?

Let's keep building - I agree with your steem vs eth analysis.

01.01.2020 19:34

Are you an identity thief StuffbySpencer?

haha no, I'm not sure what you mean by this. I'm not sure why @steemcleaner hit me, I'll figure it out...

02.01.2020 06:46

I hope it clears up.

02.01.2020 14:34

same. literally no idea what they're on about, and the discord is silent right now...

02.01.2020 14:44

Hey i got ur transfer. I remember u.

I don't do discord though, just talk here?

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02.01.2020 19:24

yeah sure, this is fine.

Look, here's the thing. Thanks to @steemcleaners, they showed me that you're probably running the @wikitruth account. This account, and by extension yourself, is participating in plagiarism under the (assumed) fake @the-onion account. I'll just share my opinion now, I think these accounts are being run by you. Feel free to prove me otherwise.

The issue is, you got me wrapped up in all of it. Remember during our Twitter DMs (which, by the way, are you banned on Twitter? I can't access your account, and the DMs are being weird) you asked how to exchange STEEM to BTC? I showed you how through Binance, and I'm pretty sure you put in my account number in the memo, rather than putting in your own due to a misunderstanding of what I was trying to tell you.

So, now I'm being blacklisted for your actions. I think you can see why that is unfavorable to me...

02.01.2020 20:06

Lol oh yeh, i remember that. I just thought Binance was a scam or something and i lost that shit lol

02.01.2020 20:17

...Right. But, that's not really the issue here.

Steemcleaners is targeting me, because of that mistake you made. They assuming I have something to do with the wiki thing or the onion abuse. Plagiarism is not allowed on this platform, I hope you understand that.

I'll tell you what, I'll send you back your 10 STEEM that you sent to my exchange account, out of my own pocket, if you stop posting stolen content. Go back to make your dpolls, or whatever you'd like. Just don't post stolen shit.

02.01.2020 20:22

Lol steem is in the fucking toilet right now why woud i care about getting 10 shitcoins from u?

02.01.2020 20:44

fine, whatever, I don't care if you want them back or not. The point is you need to stop plagiarizing & stealing content. And, I need you to clear this up to explain I'm not affiliated with your nor your actions. I tried to be nice & helpful for you when you were new, but I don't support thieves.

02.01.2020 20:50

!sc unban
Appeal successful

02.01.2020 22:23

Unbanned @stuffbyspencer.

02.01.2020 22:23

Sounds lie a good plan. STEEM contains so many possibilities that we just to leverage it properly to become a game changer. It won't be easy but with the right developments, apps and marketing STEEM could easily be the entry point to crypto for regular internet users.

04.01.2020 15:44

For sure. I strongly believe we need more dapps to showoff. There's other problems that need fixing, but dapps should start building now 🏗

05.01.2020 11:55

Hi @stuffbyspencer

I've came here, because my dear friend @ecoinstant shared your publication within one of his latest post.

I like to see how serious you are about steem blockchain.

I've finally come to the conclusion of who I want to be, and what I want to be doing.

Now the real question is: can you follow up with your conclusion and really try to do your best to be whoever you want to be?

ps. you've mention that EOS is dying - are you serious? I'm not familiar with this project, but I thought that they are having everything to be succesful.

Upvore on the way ;)
Cheers, Piotr

10.01.2020 09:36

EOS is suffering major performance issues, and the last I heard there's a huge investment up front to be able to do anything on the chain.

My first impression of EOS was how shitty the name creation was. Your account name / address has to be exactly 12 characters... How dumb is that

10.01.2020 14:20

looking forward to your upcoming projects; you got a new follower ;)

16.01.2020 22:38

Thanks buddy! I'll have something to actually show this coming week, very excited :^)


16.01.2020 23:52

but we don't really have a choice. would you give up your steem and migrate over to some token on a centralized "blockchain"? not saying that steem is completely decentralized but.. steem proposals, smts, communities, etc would all go down the drain @_@

18.02.2020 04:41

I don't know. You're never giving a full context.

What if Tron implemented:

  • Wallet "usernames"
  • Custom JSON transactions
  • TronDAO

That'd be a very very compelling blockchain, don't ya think?

I understand your concerns with centralization, but unfortunatly you'd be able to make that same call ( and many do ) across all PoS & DPoS networks. Anyone can always buy into majority. Hell, it can even happen with PoW networks, and in fact one of the many debates surrounding Bitcoin is whether or not is could be considered "centralized" due to the massive minning pools.

Honestly, I'm not even sure total decentralization is what I've been looking for. It's nice to have, but until we're able to figure out a fool-proof way to achieve it, perhaps we're aiming for "good-enough decentralization". To me, that means: open source, anyone can become a node & attempt to become a witness, total transparency of top witnesses, ability to vote & have a say in proposals, and ownership of all data & assets. Also, I'd want the network to be secure, resilient, & accessible.

I think Steem is pretty darn close to how good we can get decentralization, for the time being.
I'm not sure I echo the same concerns as you do surround Trons, but Chinese government connection erks me slightly.

Ultimately, we have to wait & see. Luckily, we have options. :^)

18.02.2020 05:02

no. wallet usernames, json, DAO on their own do not make a compelling blockchain.

google a few things on tron, censorship, justin's former cto, and justin himself being the super representative. and like your concern, china doesn't function like a free market and democracy you and i are used to. xi owns justin's ass and justin is now the biggest whale on both chains. if justin ever transcends the crypto market, you can be damn sure a fat rich dude from china is gonna start exercising his power. at this point you're no different from being on facebook and at mercy of the guy who makes the worst fake smile ever. (but he's got better infrastructure so you might as well be worse off)



so you're trading kim jong un for another kim jong un. the difference is you now have added confusion that's gonna cause a split in the userbase with no added benefits. personally i couldn't care less cuz i'd just go for a platform/website/coin with a little more freedom.

i had high hopes on SMTs from the whitepaper. i think a lot of steemians feel the same way (and yes there's others that don't, who care more about steemit.com and don't really care who rules them). all of that [perceived] potential is gone once you swap your steem for some new token from a guy that has nothing but marketing and hype so far. but sure, you can trade your steem for tron or some new token with 100% uncertainty. nobody can force you to or not to.

18.02.2020 08:22

I've been mulling this stuff over & I think it's best to put my final say on the matter in post I'll be releasing tomorrow.

In the meantime, let me ask you another question: What are you going to do? Are you staying & trying to help keep Steem independent? If we fork would you join the new platform? Or at this point are you just gonna pack it up & look elsewhere?

I'd love to hear your thoughts :^)

18.02.2020 08:42

i'm having more organic reach on youtube. despite all their political bias and propaganda, it still has less censorship than steem or tron cuz i don't worry about which whale dick to suck or fear everytime i say something.

am i gonna try anything to keep steem independent? no. i'll have an opinion, but let the market decide and i'll go in that direction.

18.02.2020 08:57

youtube has less censorship than steem


Ok, I will never be able to agree to that statement, that's literally insane to say hahaha

But that's fine, each their own I suppose :^)

18.02.2020 09:17

is it? and you're telling me whales do less bullying?
you can keep your text on a blockchain but that's about it. the only difference is who's demonetizing you.

18.02.2020 09:49

That's not the only difference, you're missing the entire point.

You're not entitled to monetization anywhere in life. But we should be entitled to a platform to voice ourselves.

YouDube doesn't just demonetize people, they will straight up remove you. Look at Alex Jones - a complete and total social media purge.

Steem prevents that. Your argument is missing a crucial backbone.

18.02.2020 14:00

like i said, you can keep your text on the blockchain. you doesn't mean literally you :)

18.02.2020 14:19

btw justin just announced steemit will now be on tron.
all your posts and content on steemit will no longer be associated with the steem blockchain.
good luck on tron tho.

18.02.2020 10:40

My content isn't on SteemIt, it's on Steem

18.02.2020 13:57

"What if Tron implemented:
Wallet usernames
Custom JSON transactions
That'd be a very very compelling blockchain, don't ya think?"

your words. steemit will be on that compelling blockchain.

18.02.2020 14:20

What are you talking about? Did Tron announce all those things? I see no talks of usernames nor json, nor dao. Just because they might attempt to move SteemIt onto Tron, doesn't mean my dream features will be implemented as well.

18.02.2020 23:09

if dlive becomes a platform where nobody can delete videos (no government nor ceo), i'll start having faith in justin. in fact i'd spend most of my time on dlive. but until than he's another kim jong un / xi jin ping / hitler / ned to me :)

18.02.2020 09:03

I guess, from what I'm hearing around the grapevine, that's ultimately the goal? BitTorrent & its file-system matched with DLive on a distributed ledger.

Sounds pretty censorship-resistant to me. We'll see what the future holds.

18.02.2020 09:19

sounds very slow and unusable, even if they somehow get it work.
i believe 3speak claims something similar.
(don't know and don't care cuz they put censorship right in their guidelines - "don't criticize religion" lol).

but again, it's all talks. justin has never shown us anything. no one has.

18.02.2020 09:46