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We are now officially half way through the month of January, and it is about that time to put out the call to the STEEM Army. SPUD X is about two weeks away, and there will be slight changes to the rules for those that wish to qualify for prizes as well as a few new goodies to be included in the prizes.

The first change will be the minimum Steem Power needed prior to SPUD X in order to qualify for a prize. The old minimum was 150 SP but it will now be 250 Steem Power needed in your account prior to SPUD X in order to be considered for SPUD prizes. Hopefully this makes it a little more fair for those with more SPUD Skin in the Steem game. The other slight rules change is that the tag SPUDX must be included in your SPUD post. That is so that I can find it, otherwise it might get lost amongst the SPUD hash-tagged posts due to increasing volume of SPUD posts. SPUD is growing up folks.

Now for the good part. At this point I am assuming all our previous SPUD Prize Sponsors will be continuing their support of SPUD, which brings us to a total of 16,500+ in STEEM POWER Delegation Prizes. The plus sign is there because there are a few other rewards as well. There are Steem Basic Income (shares/levels) and some Steem that are gifted as well. As mentioned earlier, this SPUD X will also include new prizes.

I also plan to include two SPLINTERLANDS Playing Cards. The first one, in honor of @slobberchops who gifted me one early in my SPLINTERLANDS' Journey, will be a Level 1 Furious Chicken. Now don't judge this fine feathered friend based on his price value or in game battle stats. As I posted a few weeks ago Why Sometimes Being Chicken is Ok!, a few feathers and a chick squawk can keep things interesting. The second card will be a GOLD Level 4 Baby Unicorn, in honor of both the Team @splinterlands, who have done an amazing job and the game itself which has been extremely fun and treated me extremely well so far (read about that later). This should be a goodie to hold on to with only about 814 of those in existence, but ultimately it will be the winners choice.

What is SPUD and How Will It Help?

SPUD stands for STEEM POWER UP DAY, (SPUD) takes place the first day of every month.
On this day:

  • We ask that Steemians that are able, to POWER UP any amount of STEEM they have on SPUD day.
  • We ask Steemians that are currently Powering Down, to put a Stop on Powering Down for that Day, and if desired to commence the Power Down the following day.
  • We ask that those that trade or sell Steem to Not Sell or Trade Steem on SPUD Day, but to do it the day before or after if possible. Also, to cancel any type of Sell Order on the Exchanges.


The prizes are meant to incentivize the smaller Steemians, the planktons, minnows and aspiring Dolphins out in the Steem Ocean to participate in powering up on SPUD, and hopefully create more understanding as to why Steem Power is important to user account growth as well as a show of Steem Blockchain support.

1st Place -

5000 Steem Power Delegation for 3 Weeks - Sponsor @davedickeyyall
3000 Steem Power Delegation for 3 Weeks - Sponsor = @xpilar
1500 Steem Power Delegation for 3 Weeks - Sponsor @sultan-aceh
5 Steem Basic Income units/levels Gift Sponsor @improv
1 Splinterlands' Furious Chicken Gift - Sponsor @streetstyle
1 Splinterlands' Baby Unicorn Gold Gift - Sponsor @streetstyle

2nd Place -

2000 Steem Power Delegation for 3 Weeks - Sponsor = @reflektor
1500 Steem Power Delegation for 3 Weeks - Sponsor = @hingsten
500 Steem Power Delegation for 3 Weeks - Sponsor @mcoinz79
5 Steem Basic Income units/levels Gift Sponsor @improv
3rd Place -

1500 Steem Power Delegation for 3 Weeks - Sponsor = @bippe
500 Steem Power Delegation for 3 Weeks - Sponsor @streetstyle
5 Steem Basic Income units/levels Gift Sponsor @improv
4th Place

750 Steem Power Delegation for 3 Weeks - Sponsor = @streetstyle
5 Steem Basic Income units/levels Gift Sponsor @improv
5th Place

250 Steem Power Delegation for 3 Weeks - Sponsor = @streetstyle
5 Steem Basic Income units/levels Gift Sponsor @improv
6th-20th Place Each

5 Steem Basic Income units/levels Gift Sponsor @improv


  • All eligible SPUD Prize participants who qualify will be entered into a giveaway of 9 STEEM (1 lucky winner) - Sponsored by @traciyork
  • winner of @traciyork 's prize will also win 10 STEEM POWERed UP gift by @livinguktaiwian

Rules to Win Prizes for SPUD x :

MUST have a reputation score BELOW 69.00 ( so 68.99 is good & Can participate.) AND more than 250 STEEM POWER (prior to SPUD X) BUT LESS than 8000 Steem Power.
MUST have a reputation score of 40 & ABOVE (so rank of 39.99 will Not Win)

MUST have at least 1 Steem Post in their blog about SPUD X

MUST Power Up Steem on February 1st, 2020

On February 1st, you MUST make a post about your POWER UP. It can be as simple as "I powered up X amount of Steem" to a simple picture/screenshot of your Power Up and posted to your Steem blog, or it could be a super long dissertation on Steem Power. IMPORTANT: SHOULD USE SPUDX Hash tags so that I can be sure to see them.

The winners Must meet all 5 requirements, and it will be based on the Biggest Steem Power Up PERCENTAGE, not the biggest Power Up. This means that it will be based on the ratio between your current amount of Steem Power and the amount you power up on February 1st.

For Example:

If you have 1000 Steem Power already powered up prior to February 1, and on February 1 you complete steps 1-5 with a 100 Steem Power Up,


another Steemian has 200 Steem Powered up prior to February 1, and on February 1st Powers Up 40 Steem, then this 2nd user would be winning with a 20% power up versus the first example with a bigger power up but smaller percentage of only 10% based on their account.

The winners will be announced via a Steem Post a few days later or sooner, and if no one challenges it or lets me know I missed them after 1 day from Winner Announcement, the Winners become official and the prizes will then be given out.

Thank you to All our SPUD Prize Sponsors and to all SPUD supporters and participants working to get STEEM to higher Elevations!!


Cheers & Good Luck!

+++ @streetstyle

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16.01.2020 15:17

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 15/25 - need recharge?)

16.01.2020 15:18

gracias amigo.

16.01.2020 15:23

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16.01.2020 15:21

@mimismartypants, you asked when the next SPUD would be, get ready its coming

16.01.2020 15:27

Whoop whoop!! Saving up. Doubt I will win anything but its just for the gees!

17.01.2020 16:22

Awe dang, I just did my power up post today because I knew I missed the last one. Oh well. I guess maybe I can take part in another one in a couple of weeks. I honestly don't think I would have won anyway.

16.01.2020 15:32

That's ok @bozz you can still help support #spud and #spudx with up-votes and re-steems for this round. Thank you and take care.

16.01.2020 15:49

Welcome SPUD X!
I will power up steem enjoyfully.

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16.01.2020 16:21

@oblivioncubed this is the contest I was telling you about. It's a pretty slick way to have newer users feel what it's like to feel like a dolphin for a few weeks. I enjoy this contest a lot and look forward to seeing the power-up total!

16.01.2020 19:41

The furious chicken is amazing.. Cost 0 (ZERO) so fills up that last space for all the stelth assassin attacks.. at least, for one turn.. and later on.. if you have higher levels.. it has melee attack skill.. and so helps out in any of those 'melee attack units can attack from any position'...

a real godsend in many instances.. one or two turns can help turn a game in your favour..

16.01.2020 23:12

yup you are correct @darrenfj That chicken placed in the right slot can bring Victory... the trick is knowing or at least intelligently guessing where to place that fine feathered friend.

17.01.2020 20:30

SPUD X the new trend in the making :)

17.01.2020 14:48
17.01.2020 17:04

wow, nice event. an most interesting schedule on Steem Block Chains. I want to participate :

21.01.2020 07:46

So looking forward to another awesome #SPUD event, @streetstyle! 😊

Couple of quick things -

~ For #SPUD10 I'll be drawing one name to win 10 Steem (not sure if I'll stay at 10 for future drawings... haven't thought that far

~ I'm drawing a second name to win @livinguktaiwan's prize, so it spreads the winnings around the blockchain a bit more.

Thanks again for all you do to help our beloved blockchain grow! 🤗

21.01.2020 22:24

ok, thank you @traciyork, I will update the prize info. and whatever you decide for your future support is most welcome #spud #spudx thank you and take care.

21.01.2020 23:21

Thanks @traciyork for organising again.

!engage 30

22.01.2020 06:07