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Heading "Handmade" #10/ 2022 - Рубрика «Handmade» 10-й выпуск 2022г


Hello friends!

I welcome my handicraftsmen. I love you and love what you do. I am glad that there are more of us and we love to make beauty! Good luck and good luck in your endeavors!

Today is Wednesday and we are continuing the new issue of the Handmade rubric.

I really like people who know how to create something with their own hands. Someone knows how to knit, someone can embroider, someone draws very beautifully, makes crafts, makes wood crafts, sews, sculpts. The list is long.
Let's show what we can do with our own hands.

The main thing:

I invite you to write a post in the [Steemit Contest](
@venturabogarin |


Friends, you are super! Keep 1 STEEM from me!

Друзья, вы супер! Ловите от меня 1 STEEM!


All success in your handicraft.
Всем успеха в вашем рукоделии.

I look forward to your work and will always support you!

Я с нетерпением жду вашей работы и всегда буду поддерживать вас!

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