A walk in the city on a beautiful day

Hello everyone,

Yesterday was a beautiful day with a lot of sun. It was perfect because it had been raining for 2 days straight before that and it really gets you down when it's dark and cloudy outside.

To fully enjoy the sunny weather, me and my brother decided to go for a little trip into our big neighbor city.

We drove in to the city and after finally finding a parking spot we continued by foot towards the center.

We had just planned to walk around and enjoy the nice weather but to our surprise there was a huge International Food Market going on so we decided to go check it out. It was really awesome. They had stands from different countries and sold their own national specialties there.

Since I was with @acidyo and he has a much better camera I decided to let him take the pictures of the Market while I myself tried to improve my photography skills by taking pictures of the city.

Here is the first photo I took and it is from the park that is in front of the Cathedral of the city.


Here is another picture from the same park!

It's a very pretty park and the city takes very good care of it.


One more from the same park, different angle.


A lot of flowers and everything is so green and beautiful.

And here is a picture of the Cathedral, It's an Evangelical Lutheran Church at 101.9m of height.


This is a very symbolic building for the city and it really is a architectural masterpiece. I remember when I was still in high-school we went on a class trip to the Cathedral and one thing I remember in particular is that the teachers told us that noble men were buried under the floor we walked on in there. Thought that was very interesting.

And finally a picture of the well known river that crosses the city:

This river flows through the city and it's as you can see very dirty. So no swimming recommended. But it still is beautiful and the boats they have here during summertime offer cold drinks and food!

Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed this!

Take care everyone :)

Peace out, Strawhat

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