The System Will Change and GOLD is So Very Important, but I Don't Own any GOLD Anymore..........

Today is somewhat of a Tough Day with Me. I Sold the Very Last Gold Coin that I Own...........

I Thought this Day Would NEVER Come. I Always thought I Would Have Some Physical GOLD Coins............

This Was my LAST Gold Coin........Enjoy it With Me as I Wave Goodbye.
Screenshot_2019-11-22 RSC ROYAL SILVER COMPANY BLUE-THROATED MACAW 2011 1 4 Oz 99999 GOLD, VERY RARE eBay.png

This 1/4 Ounce Gold Piece was Minted by the Royal Silver Company in 2011..........
Screenshot_2019-11-22 RSC ROYAL SILVER COMPANY BLUE-THROATED MACAW 2011 1 4 Oz 99999 GOLD, VERY RARE eBay(1).png

I Had 3 of These Beautiful Gold Pieces that I Had Bought Directly From the Royal Silver Company back in 2011 and at the Time of Purchase I Thought that One Day I Would have Others Each year With Different Animals on Each Gold Piece........

Regrettably that was Never to Happen since Over The Next Year the Royal Silver Company died on the Vine and was to be No More..........

This is a very RARE Gold Piece and I believe that No More than 200 were ever Minted.......Probably a Lot LESS than 200

I am a Little Bit Sad as I Write This Post, but I know I Still have Plenty Pieces of Precious Metal, they just Happen to Be Silver and Not Gold........

My Last Piece From the Now Defunct Royal Silver Company, A Beautiful 10 Dirham Silver Round an Amazing .99999 Fine, 5 9's PURE SILVER.......

Thank You for Joining me Today and Celebrating LIFE and All of Our Adventures, Good Bye Gold Piece and Thank You for Letting me be a Temporary Care Taker as You Go Forward to Continue Your Journey...............

Are You Stacking SILVER ?? If Not Maybe you Will...........

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All signs point to silver @stokjockey.

22.11.2019 23:13

Yes, @summertooth The Time is Close and I think we Both Can Sense It. Next Stop $50.00 Plus per Ounce SILVER...........

22.11.2019 23:23

Awww.... don't be sad @stokjockey. And as soon as you sell that piece, I am sure you will get another precious metals piece that is the best use for your fiat! And many of us here in this community know that it is your business: buy and sell (and then buy and sell) precious metals!!! But I can tell from your article that you may have been attached to that gold piece. And THAT is a challenge to many of us stackers... like I am so attached to my stack, that it will be very hard for me to progress to a flipper in the future.
Thanks for showing the two beautiful pieces in this article. Both are first looks for me.
Have a wonderful evening, and take care. 🥰🌺🤙

22.11.2019 23:18

Thank You Ms. Saver and Yes Who Needs Gold When you have your Best Friend in the Whole World. At The Time of Purchase Yes I was Very Attached since This is Such a Beautiful Piece of Gold and I knew that Many People Would NEVER get a Chance to Own This Piece. I Realize Now that it is Only a Thing and could Never be Loved as Much as the Love that We can Have for Our Friends.......@silversaver888

22.11.2019 23:22

Did you sell it because you needed the money or did you just get such a good offer? Why did you want to sell all your gold?

22.11.2019 23:44

I am a Strong Believer in Silver. I actually think there is LESS Silver on Earth than there is GOLD. You may find this interesting and worth your time to look into more.............

23.11.2019 00:05

There’s way more silver. It’s a fact my brother.
But silver is still nice 😃👍
But gold is king baby

24.11.2019 15:39

True, there is 9 times more silver mined than gold, not sure of the percentage of industrial silver is used, but the sheeple have lost interest in silver. Silver is bulky and heavy, as a store of value, so less is invested. Sure some cheap jewelry for those that can't afford a gold chain. But as far as stored, investment silver, there is much less stored as almost all the gold ever mined is above ground.

24.11.2019 17:08

And have fun carrying 85X the weight for same value

24.11.2019 17:16

As I say, "Buy as much gold as you can afford, buy as much silver as you can carry"

24.11.2019 17:23

Can’t put it better myself 👏

24.11.2019 18:54

A very beautiful gold round! You are right, we are only caretakers, for a finite time. That is life.

22.11.2019 23:54

It took me a Long Time in Life to Realize What you just said @ronaldoavelino. I was an Only Child so It was hard for me to LEARN how to SHARE with Others. As I get older I realize more and more that the Most Joy that I can get is when Others Get Joy in Things that I may have once been the Caretaker of. Also Somethings I have let Go of in Life have Come back to me since that is exactly the Way it is supposed to be.

23.11.2019 00:00

Well sir. I've thought of selling all my gold. I've sold a lot of it already. But I couldn't bring myself to it yet. But if the ratios go up any, it may be bye bye to the rest for platinum and silver.

23.11.2019 01:28

Yes, I think you understand. Silver
I wish I Had more than One 10 Dirham Silver if I did then I would sell you one. but Out of all the Silver Rounds I got from Royal Silver I going to Hang on to this One for awhile..........@fat-elvis

23.11.2019 03:39

Why no holding of gold Stok????

23.11.2019 03:16

I can always buy some in the Future. I feel very Strongly about Silver more though @silverd510

23.11.2019 03:40

If Measured in Fiat Dollars, I believe Gold will become Stable at $3,500.00 and Silver will become Stable at $350.00 per ounce...

If Measured in "Sound Money, I believe Gold will become Stable at $35.00 and Silver will become Stable at $3.50 per ounce...

November 22, 2019... 19.3 Hollywood Time...

23.11.2019 03:17

Time will Tell

23.11.2019 03:41

It's actually, the only Path that takes us where we want to go...
November 23, 2019... 0.7 Hollywood Time...

23.11.2019 08:39

November 27, 2019... 0.4 Hollywood Time...

27.11.2019 08:21

Hello! Beautiful beaches! Happy Thanksgiving
(Tried to comment elsewhere; steemit must be having some glitches this am)

28.11.2019 14:13

Thanks... Have a great day...
November 28, 2018... 9.3 Hollywood Time...

28.11.2019 17:17

Hope everything is alright financially, we all have our reasons.......With the Gold/Silver ratio near 86, it may be a good move.......BUT....Silver is so damn heavy

23.11.2019 04:44

I should start taking Donations @rollingthunder. I think I will be OK financially

23.11.2019 06:48

Yes you may not have gold but if you sold it for a fabulous outrageous profit such that would make any Veteran Sales Manager blush with envy would be another.

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23.11.2019 10:51

Yes that is for sure......

23.11.2019 19:42

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24.11.2019 02:54

How much is your 100% Up Vote Worth ?? @verifyme

24.11.2019 03:13