My new music video and ne album "Paint a picture with me" / Mein neues Musikvideo und Album


Hello everybody,

I'm leaving a sign of life here again.
I have to admit, I wasn't really motivated to write new posts. All of this seemed a little unsafe to me and the split between Hive and Steemit also overwhelmed me a bit.
But now my album has been released for almost 2 months and I wanted to post that again at least here on Steemit.
I also have the video for the title song of the album for you and the links to the streaming and download platforms.

Link to the Album:

Lyric translation:

Paint a picture with me

it seems like every work of art has already been created
as if everyone here could only go pale in disbelief
as if there was nothing that this world had never seen
not something that a hero has not experienced here

free travel, free love, free people
Freelancer, freelance artist, free thinking
Freedom they have because they just start so crazy, bullshit
but because they were lucky

good genes, good school, good parents
be against it, do better, look at the world
let yourself be dazzled, everyone only needs love
and it would be so simple, no weapons, no wars

The world is bad and only you live in one exception
Good doctors, good food, good skin tone
Do you really think you could save this shit?
Not with flags, not with banners, not with chains on the tracks

There are so many colors / where everything seems gray here
come take a picture with me / come take a picture with me

It seems as if no one has shown an assignment for too long
Everything has been there, everything is uniform
As if there was nothing worth moving about
You won't see anything new here anyway

Great love, great sayings, great commitment
Big event and big cinema free admission
Great deeds used for great puplicity
Great powers make history so you will never forget

A big fuck you at the big-headed big earners
Fuck you at me uselessly lying on the couch
fuck you everyone who tells me i'm a lazy pig
Because I know you are right, I've built a nice nest here

fuck you all because i know i wanted to do so much
have completed in the mid 30's only so much anger remains
from the stupid fool to the lazy west symptom
suck the world out with you and have nothing to do with the rest

and there you come and say there are so many colors
so many dreams and you would have to chase them
you listen to me as if it still made sense
that's why i summarize all my courage and paint a picture with you

There are so many colors - I paint a picture with you

The whole album was produced by Schwarza Peta and is represented on all streaming platforms.
A small limited CD version is available on our homepage

Hallo zusammen,

Ich hinterlasse jetzt auch mal wieder ein Lebenszeichen hier.
Ich muss zugeben, ich war nicht so wirklich motiviert neue Posts zu verfassen. Mir schien das alles hier etwas unsicher und die Spaltung von Hive und Steemit hat mich auch etwas überfordert.
Aber jetzt ist mein Album mittlerweile schon fast 2 Monate veröffentlicht und das wollte ich jetzt zumindest hier auf Steemit noch einmal posten.
Ich habe hier auch noch das Video zum Titelsong des Albums für euch und die links zu den streaming und Download Plattformen.

Das ganze Album wurde produziert von Schwarza Peta und ist auf allen Streaming Plattformen vertreten.
Eine kleine limitierte CD Version gibt es auf unserer Homepage

Comments 4

mensch,lange nicht gelesen...super lied--bringst auch sehr cool rüber-lg dir

16.06.2020 10:56

Und schön gleich wieder von dir zu hören 😁
Danke dir, freut mich wenn es dir gefällt!

16.06.2020 11:38

Toller Text, toller Rhythmus, passt in der heutigen Zeit.
Ich weiss echt nicht, wo das noch hinführen wird.
Unsere Gesellschaft, hat sich so gewandelt 😔

16.06.2020 11:18

Ja da muss ich Dir leider recht geben. Um so wichtiger ist es, dass man sich nicht komplett von all dem Negativen und der Spalterei einnehmen lässt ❤️

16.06.2020 11:40