Memories Of Italy: My Long-Lost, Most-Treasured Photo

In a couple posts I did long ago, I mentioned that I still had photos to share from my trip to Italy but I didn't have access to them and that included my favorite, most-treasured moment I ever captured. And finally after a year and a half of waiting and waiting, I have it.

I don't know how many times I've said before that Venice is my absolute favorite place in this world and my time there is my most precious memory. I've never seen a place so grand and full of magic.

This photo was taken at Venice's best hour. I am standing on the Rialto Bridge overlooking the Grand Canal. The sun just went down, so there's still light in the sky and it covers the whole city in twilight. She wears it so naturally, don't you think?

I have traveled to so many cities on this planet but no place has and ever will compare to Venezia.


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