Wuhan Plague Prevention, Part One

This is a follow-up post with a focus on prevention.


I have no idea whether this pic, obtained on 4chan, has anything to do with the coronoa virus. But it does set a certain mood, does it not?


And a more humorous pic, also obtained from a 4chan thread, before we move in the grim business of the 2019-nCoV (the official name of this strain of the virus) and how to keep your family safe.


How grim? You don't do this (image source) unless you know there is a major problem. No, a catastrophic problem.

The coronoa virus numbers exploded yesterday

(image source)

Part of this is due to the fact that it is hard to get accurate numbers in the storm itself. Part of this is the CCP trying to keep a lot of it off the PR radar. And part of this is that there are just not enough medical personnel to handle the problem.

The first step in prevention is SEPARATION

Go back up to the pic of the kid with the gun, or to the pic of bricking over the road. I always say that the best chance to avoid a problem is to reduce all chance-vectors of causing that problem to 0% (ZERO).

If you do not come into contact with the infection, you will not be infected.

  • Stay away from people

You can tell me that the epidemic isn't in your area yet. Happy you /sarcasm. Here's what I'll tell you: this damn thing doesn't exhibit symptoms in it's incubation period. Oh yeah, let me add this question for you...how many folks escaped the containment effort in Wuhan?

You don't know? Neither do I. And let me follow up with another question for you...how does I don't know equal 0% chance of infection? It doesn't.

Contain yourself and your family. Luckily, the internet allows you social contact with other people without risking contamination.

We are at the stage where it is too early to make a rational decision about missing work and school...the problem is that by the time we can make rational choices about that, it will be too late!

IF you can bug out now to a secluded location, then do so (more about this decision downpage)

  • Physical separation

Some of you have the physical space to dig ditches and put up barbed wire, some of your wives will even let you do it! (In my own experience, i.e. I have no studies on this, women suffer from normalcy bias and the need for social grouping more than men).

But how to do this if you are in an apartment building? You have a couple of problems. 1- Central air 2- no space to put up exterior defense.

Block your central air vents and ventilate w/ outside air. Yes, it will be cold. But it won't be air circulated through your neighbor's coughed-out living room either. You can tack up sheets over your windows to create a filter. You can't seal up tight because you need fresh air to live, and because you probably don't have the capability to do so. Consider plastic sheeting and duct tape.

  • Food and water


Worst comes to worst, you have extra food on hand down the road. If, however, you wait and see, what will happen is that you will be waiting in line seeing the last supplies go out the door once the panic kicks in. We rely on a Just In Time supply chain in which stores only carry 3 days of normal supply. Guess how long that will be if everyone spergs out at the same time.

Figger out how much food you need to live in terms of calories (averages out to about 2000 calories a day to survive). Decide what you want to eat for a month or two, and go get it.

You'll need a minimum of half a gallon of water a day for drinking purposes alone. You'll need more to wash your dishes, flush your pot, and decontaminate if necessary.

What happens if the power goes out? Do you have a place to cook and boil water?

DO NOT GRILL INDOORS! you will die from carbon monoxide.

  • Community Organization

Do you have a neighborhood watch? Drop a hint about emergency preps. As this gets worse, expect normalcy bias to get worse in turn! But if you can convince your neighbors not to be morons, you can establish checkpoints.

Maybe you can even set up food rationing or quarantine locations (the bug tent).

However, don't expect this to be an option until it's too late. In addition, why would you share your food with retards that refused to help you set up a resilient community?

Illustrated byMilo Winter (1886-1956) - Project Gutenberg extext 19994 - "The Ant and the Grasshopper", from Aesop's Fables

I just ran out of gas, so I guess I'm still weak. Part Two will be about PPE (personal protection equipment), quarantine preps, recovering from and/or treating the sick, and anything else I can get my paranoid little hands on. Also, I'll go into more thought on the What if it IS a nothingburger question

Remember, it is ALWAYS "too early" to act in these situations...until it is "too late"

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This John Hopkins MMap Allows for RT Tracking of theWuhhan virus.

28.01.2020 19:00

that is the best tracking map we have so far

28.01.2020 19:50

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29.01.2020 02:22

I have, as a matter of my normal operating procedure, months of canned goods, water, and even a generator on hand. Other than paying my rent each month in cash, as is my wont, and the innumerable doctor's visits I must make since my heart attack, I could reasonably shelter in place at least til Spring.

I am tending my neighbor's dog while he recovers from a stroke, and this is actually my most pressing dilemma. I guess I can simply attach a length of aircraft cable to my deck and allow him egress to my yard daily to substitute for walkies. Hope dogs can't vector bat coronavirii.

Imma go out and get that cable today.


29.01.2020 16:55

see need ->tend to need immediately

I wish I had that discipline atm

otoh, we're set up for 3 months of food, and I have a creek and a pool to draw water from. Ive got my ppe already (consider using a face mask instead of or in addition to goggles)

now for some "good" news. it may be that East Asians are more genetically susceptible to the worst effects of this virus. the only study ONLY covers 8 cases (beats n=7, tho!). I am not sure enough in my genetic knowledge to explain this fully, but I'm currently looking for additional study and/or a better tutorial.

this is good news for caucasians, but from the allele (sp?) counts I was looking at, the Japanese and Koreans are going to be more susceptible than the Chinese. I didn't see numbers for Africans or Hispanics (meztiso), andthe discussion didn't provide counts for Middle easterners, but put them as caucasians with a small % of E. Asian genetic heritage

If it turns out that this is a bioweapon leak (likely, IMO), it is a huge owngoal on the CCP

29.01.2020 19:25

Interesting to see it this way. Getting a bit nervous about travelling, but I think many things are likely working in my favour.

29.01.2020 20:37

I think that if you take precautions such as a breathing filter, avoiding touching people, washing your hands before you eat or touch your own face, etc, you should be OK in a NON epidemic area. wearing a breathing filter might look strange, but you can always claim you feel a cold coming on, and dont want to share your germs.

of course, you could also just smirk at anyone who questioned it too;>

In an area known to have the infection?

I'd be wearing gloves and a facemask/goggles for sure. Stay out of crowds. Hell, wear a rain poncho. Even better, stay home if possible

I just got these...just in case

29.01.2020 20:44

A coupla notes on these face shields, as I just opened them...them come down to mid chin level, and you can wear googles and a breathing filter under them...but they are fairly opaque...maybe at 15-20%

they WILL cover the eyes from a direct cough
look for some that cover the face completely, and are a bit clearer if you can

29.01.2020 22:44

I did get that cable, and 20 lb. of dried beans and a similar weight of rice. The multiple breaks that Bear has afflicted my truck with are also repaired, and I can again open my driver door, and safely confine him under the canopy. I confess I am amazed at the ability of a vigorous dog to break stuff I have been unable to damage in years of hard use as a work truck!

I am a bit skeptical of the genetic analysis of the racial/phenotypic variability of susceptibility to the Wuhan plague, as the sample size is so small as to approach insignificance. Still, as you note, it's all we have to go on. Until more and broader research is available, I reckon there's not much benefit to this small sample size, though. It's just statistically irrelevant.

You do yet remain the best source I have found to date for relevant information and considerations regarding this developing event. Please accept my deep and abiding gratitude for the hard work you are undertaking to provide such yoeman's duty.


31.01.2020 16:22

I have found that after I spent all my ill-gotten Steemit gains on preps back in 17, that i have been more relaxed about what is coming down the pipe...if anything I more tense that family and friends refuse to address the possibility that bad times may be ahead

then again I'd rather look like a fool now than starve tomorrow

I am betting that you felt a shuitload better after taking those steps!

and I havn't looked into interspecies transmission between humans and animals yet (pray that whoever cooked this one up didn't plan for that)

I kind of agree about targeting specific races, but see the answer I am cooking up for @squirrelbait in that regard

and finally, it is long past time for me to write the Putting on your hip boots and wading through 4chan post I've promised for two years, because that is where I get the most of my data from

31.01.2020 19:22

I appear to be terminally disabled from posting on all chans, not due to their own policies as much as some interference from Goolag, which will no longer avail me of captchas. Regardless, I am compelled to note that the richest source of educational nutriment is undoubtedly the most foul excrement found in the barnyard, and 4chan particularly embodies that truth.

Hip boots, over chest waders, over neoprene drysuits may be recommended for dipping in that pond.

Ah, the smell of fermenting ideas in the morning!

31.01.2020 19:43

A lot of ideas are shit to begin with LOL! Article is up, and even notes captchas

31.01.2020 23:53

Gosh. Stay safe. Where do you live??

29.01.2020 20:36

Texas, in suburbia. The good news is I could concievably shut down entrance into our neighborhood by signing on just one neighbor. The bad news is that i'm sure nobody will get on board until they are spitting up blood.

29.01.2020 20:46