Gun Carry Notes

I signed up for pre-paid legal services just in case I have to use my gun for self-defense. But a short note first.

Carrying with one in the pipe


I have been hesitant on doing this due to the hazards of a negligent discharge. After a month of thought on this, I had decided to carry with one in the chamber. This coincides with my actual carrying in public, which I have held off on for two reasons.

  • I wanted more range time
  • I haven't been paying attention to the businesses that I frequent as to whether they permit carry

But last week, I started carrying based upon the idea that response time is slowed to cock the gun. I carry a Glock 43 in a Kydex shell (covering the trigger guard), and Glocks are known for not firing unless you pull the trigger.

Well, today I proved that twice with my own stupidity

I dropped my EDC bag at the gym. The pistol did not go off.
I dropped the pistol on the ground taking my bag out of the car when returning home; I had pulled it out partially to have easier access while driving, but did not secure it when getting out.. The pistol did not go off.

There is no excuse for this level of stupidity

It does not matter that I was exhausted from my workout. This is a very deadly tool, and it is my responsibility to make sure accidents don't happen. It is a good thing that Glocks are well-built, and I'm...glad? know that as a personal fact.

But again, it is the gun owners' responsibility to NOT LET SHIT LIKE THAT HAPPEN
I'll consider this as a wakeup call for a very serious situation.

Carry Insurance

Since I have started carrying, I decided to get carry insurance.

I went with CCWSAFE (link contains affiliate code), and the Defender program.

It has these benefits:

  • No Cap on up front Criminal or Civil Defense funds. No cap on lawyers retainer or fees from the time of the incident (to include law enforcement interviews, pre-trial preparations and Grand Jury). Civil Damage liability coverage up to 1 million dollars can be added per member at additional cost.
  • Primary Covered Member, Spouse under the Provisional term, are covered up to 500k bond (add additional bond coverage for cost up to 1 million). All Covered Members (under the age of 18 living at Residence Premises) without permits can be covered (up to 250k bond) for all legal use of force responses to life threatening attacks within the Residence Premises for all legal weapons and physical force (children 18 and older not covered under Primary plan).
  • The Primary Covered and Spouse can be covered with a permit, outside the home (carried per state law) in any place you can legally possess a firearm, during vehicle travel within state and on any property in which the covered member is not trespassing on private property
  • Critical Response Team responds to your location for deadly force incident (National Trial Counsel, Peer Support who has been involved in shooting incidents and Critical Response Coordinator who is former homicide detective and has been a State’s Attorney Investigator. Coverage by Emergency call center (24/7/365) that patches you into an attorney to notify an emergency self-defense incident.
  • No cap on investigators or Expert witness fees and expenses. Appeals and Mistrials covered at No cost. Firearm Replacement during the time of the trial Covered. The plan also includes separate funds for Up to $250 a day work loss while in criminal or civil trial, up to 10 sessions for a licensed counselor, up to $3k for crime scene clean-up home ONLY.
  • delete.png
  • All expenses covered up front.

What were my other options?

I'm just going to share the links I read, so that you can make your own researched decision.

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27.07.2019 01:35

If you are within a school zone(1,000 feet away) and are carrying you are committing a crime. Its basically impossible to carry legally if you look into it. Everyone who carries within 1,000 feet of a school zone is a "criminal".

I don't carry at all due to this law.

27.07.2019 02:53

the beauty is that this doesnt apply in Texas. we cant carry into a school building tho.

27.07.2019 04:52

Really? It is a federal law though.

29.07.2019 03:05

They WILL tack on the federal offense if you commit any other gun crimes in the zone

29.07.2019 22:50

I used to sleep with my pistol in my hand. Even so, I didn't have one in the pipe. The time to rack is negligible, and the added layer of safety is substantial. The time to remember where the pistol was and acquire it when disturbed from sleep was substantial, and even though I maintain trigger control when sleeping the empty pipe was no more than one second from being full in such a circumstance.

Samurai used to practice drawing their sword in a killing blow, and I reckon draw and rack should be one action.

Doing you is what you do, so what comes is on you, but the two drops you experienced would set my teeth on edge. If my opinion matters, I recommend you don't carry with a loaded chamber for the reasons I have stated.

Holding yourself to account by being honest is good mojo. It's embarrassing to drop your piece, and using that as motivation to better your handling raises my respect for you. Knowing you carry racked drops it though, so for this post it's a wash =p


27.07.2019 06:21

It has made me think about not carrying chambered unless the gun is on my body in a holster; even with that, I need to practice drawing (unloaded) and racking, and getting on target.

I tested out the belly band as an armpit carry (similar to shoulder holster carry) last night. slight (tiny) bit of discomfort, and the 43 prints a little bit. I'll keep messing with that, and I got some black vnecks to camalfauge the band...

even so, I'll still probably carry on the hip at about 230

I was sleeping with a loaded (not chambered) shotgun and body armor in the bed with me until last year. I had been doing that since mid 15

I tend to be pretty "extremist" on my other social media, and I have seen 3 instances of BLM attacking cops in their homes after online arguments

27.07.2019 19:48

If you go to black turtlenecks rather than vnecks, I'll always think of you like this:


Especially if you keep working out.

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