Damn it, no range today

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Today has been disappointing across the board. As of now, I am under the impression that I did not get all the paperwork for my MSU application completed in time. I have held off the range trip I planned today, because I have been waiting all week to hear back from the MSU recruiter.

So what I had planned to do today was to take my Mossberg Shockwave to the range and pattern it. Also, I wanted to get a better feel for the recoil now that I have tricked it out a bit for easier handling. First I'll show you a video of someone ELSE pattering their Shockwave, then I'll show you how and why I tricked mine out.

First, Shockwave patterning in general

Grouping better than I expected with a 14" barrel.
The video is not mine, and the ammo used is different than I have in inventory; I'm still using #00, but a different manufacturer

So I guess that will do until I get a chance to go do it myself

What did I do to MY Shockwave

First, let me note that the purpose for this weapon in my case is home defense. So that demands a few requirements:

  • I needed a flashlight attached to the gun
  • I need to maintain grip control of the gun
  • I need groggy, just out of sleep-mode, hip shooting accuracy with the gun.

So keeping that in mind, we'll look at the gun as compared to the stock model first

Stock Shockwave
download 1.jpg

My Shockwave

There was one modification to the gun when I bought it, which was the sidesaddle shell rack; I didn't even want it, but all the Mossbergs at the gun store had them, and I didn't feel like driving around to look for more. Now that I actually have it, I like it.

First requirement - Flashlight

You have to know what you are shooting at. Period.

What I ordered was a flashlight and a mount that fit under the tube cap.

The flashlight can zoom in or out by pulling on the end. I keep it at the full in position, which spreads the light out.

Since this is for home defense, it's all the light I need, and testing the light on my friends, it is still pretty blinding at this configuration. I chose a red lens to spare my own eyes. it is less of a transition form just awoken eyes to lighting up the area.

The light does not interfere with racking the slide; the mount can be applied to either side, but I find it easier to turn it on and off from this side.

The mount itself never gets a full grip, and it wobbles very slightly. This is not a problem as far as the gun light goes.

What's the difference between pink and purple? The grip!

I had a friend I used to call Miss Purple from this joke LOL.

There are a couple of problems with this gun:

  • First, it is within the range of possibility to move the cocking hand in front of the barrel. Oops, I guess you didn't need that hand anyway. Mossberg has addressed that problem by adding a strp to the pump.
  • Second, the nuts that hold that strap in place can cut your hand after a lot of shooting, from what I understand. I don't know, because I have wrapped these nuts with a little electric tape.
  • Third, there is more recoil to this gun than other shotguns. I had no problem with birdshot through it, but I have not fired buckshot as of yet. So I added a recoil strap to the grip.
    LINK HERE - Demonstrated Concepts Recoil Strap
  • Finally, I added a gripping surface to the birdshead grip the gun employs. I have heard people claim this grip is more comfortable than a pistol grip for shooting a short barreled shotgun (or, FIREARM as the ATF has classified this gun ;>)
    LINK HERE - Mossberg 500, 590 Shockwave Raptor Shotgun Grip Wrap

Rapid Target Acquisition

This is NOT a gun you should aim at eye level unless you have good arm strength and know how to handle it. There is a technique for doing so in which you pull back with the rear hand and push forward on the pump grip while doing so. However, since I will be using the gun for self-defense in situations I may expect to be tired and confused and just coming out of sleep, I want EASY MODE. Hence, I added a laser sight for the gun.


While it doesn't show up in the dark at all, the brighter the ambient light, the better this frontsight works. I practiced some snap aims, and tested them with the laser, and I tend to aim high when doing this. Must keep practicing!

This snaps on, but it can be a pain in the ass. Just be patient.

TRUGLO Fiber-Optic Universal Shotgun Front Sight

And one last item

I bought a one-point sling. It can hook up to the cord on the recoil strap, so it carries well. It does interfere with a carry pistol on that side. You could still do it, I just don't like the feel.

I don't keep it on the Shockwave, but I've got it if I need a sling.

A cheapy but goody
Hunter Select US Tactical Safety Two Points Outdoor Belt Carbine Sling Adjustable Strap, Quick Action Adjustment Systems

As always, thanks for reading!

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19.07.2019 20:51

Remind me to never, ever sneak into your house at night.

I'm glad to hear you are going to pattern. It's always a good idea to know what the area of effect is of the particular load/gun combo you are shooting. I prefer #4 buck for home defense. I don't need to hit anything at more than 10 yards, and I get twice as many pellets to hit it with. I also vastly prefer the birdshead grip to a pistol grip. The pistol grip causes the wrist to bend backwards at an uncomfortable angle the recoil makes worse. Best of all is a proper stock and a shoulder IMHO, but I'll take the birdshead over a pistol grip every time for something you're going to hip shoot.

I never liked hip shooting much. I reckon that aiming reduces the number of shots you need to take, and I have never been in a situation that I needed to pull the trigger before I could aim.


20.07.2019 04:28

I would have preferred #4, but the store I was at only had 00; I bought lots of it. That was for a different shotgun tho ;> If STEEM ever recovers, I'll stock up on #4 for HD.

Good to hear actual experience on the birdshead vs pistol grip feeling.

I haven't shot it with the laser in place, but with the corridor twists in my house, I needed a SBS. Laser sighting compensates for twists, turns, and not holding this thing next to my face if I have to use it LOL. The good thing with the Shockwave (or the Memewave, as 4chan /k would say) is that it is classified as a "firearm", and thus I need no tax stamp for it.

The last note on the Shockwave? it is LOUD. I have popped it off down by the creek a coupla times now, but I keep those sessions short due to the noise; I want to be gone before the nieghbors call the cops.

20.07.2019 04:38

Regarding the grip, if you take a look at how your wrist works, and the angle at which you're holding the shotgun at your hip, actually reversing the rake of the birdshead makes a lot of sense, because it would keep your wrist straight then, rather than requiring you to bend it backwards. I've never seen such a grip, but I'd like to try one.

No matter the grip, it's still way better than throwing requests to depart down the hallway at intruders.

20.07.2019 14:33

interesting thought on the grip

If I pull back on the gun from the hip position, so that my rear hand is slightly behind my horizontal line, then my wrist is in natural alignment and feels comfy.

Maybe I'll get some range time this week to test it all out

20.07.2019 16:34