"With My Luck..." If You Wanna Be Successful In ANY Area Of Life, You Better Finish This Sentence The RIGHT WAY!

Many of us have used the expression I want to delve a little deeper into today countless times while going about our daily lives without even thinking about it. We hear the expression used by others time and time again in literally every area of life. It is an expression that can have massive ramifications for your life for better or for worse.

If you understand the power of the words and expressions we use ((or should that be we choose to use?)) at a conscious and sub-conscious level you may have an inkling of the journey we are about to undertake Dear Reader...

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I guess I am building it up a little here but you clicked on the post after noticing the title so you likely already know where I am going with this.

"With my luck..."

Yup! We have all heard that phrase a gazillion times ((yeah I'm just making up words now, sorry...)) and when we think about it, the words that follow always take an uncannily similar trajectory. You know what I mean already, right?

"With my luck, I'll probably hold my map upside down and get lost on the hike tomorrow."

"With my luck, I'll probably come last in the contest".

"With my luck, I'll be the one they choose for redundancy at work".

"With my luck, I'll sleep in and miss my flight".

"With my luck, I'll be the one who... blah...blah...blah..."

Oh you get the point and can think of examples off the top of your head without too much thought.

So what the heck is my point, it's spooky how many times I just KNOW you are wondering that exact question even though I am reasonably far in to a post!!! Hmmm, maybe I should use less words and explain myself a little better 😁

Well, it's just this, it's strange how those words are vastly overused regarding negative things, isn't it?

Now you maybe thinking something that is undoubtedly true, we often use such proclamations as a form of humour and yes I get that, however the point still stands. How and why did we ever start to assume the characteristics of somebody with bad luck that will 'probably' result in the worst possible outcome befalling us when our efforts are compared to others?

I'm serious, doesn't that sound like something is a little broken in our thinking?


If, as I am sure most us do, we would like a little more in the way of energy and dynamic intention when it comes to success in our endeavors and in our life in general, wouldn't it be far more empowering to say...

"With my luck, I will achieve this far quicker than most people would, because I have prepared well and considered the outcome I REALLY want and approached it with discipline".

Do you see what I mean? I'M not even going to wait for you to ponder the question, of-course you do!

It's akin to spinning the odds 180 degrees and placing the ((sub-conscious)) odds back in our favour. Why do I say the subconscious odds? Simple, if we go through life sending the message to our subconscious, informing it of just how unlucky we are it will accept that signal as a given and look for examples to prove the theory thus reinforcing and further strengthening that life-view!

The sub-conscious doesn't judge, it accepts the data given to it without question and those micro-signals that we send hundreds, if not thousands of times a day become part of our character, mindset and habits.

Failure-proof equation...

I suggest that we all take a slightly more pro-active approach to the messages we send to this amazing super-computer in our mind. If we listen out for those negatively skewed thoughts we have and expressions that we speak in to existence we could cultivate a more self-assured, success driven mindset.

This is not easy to do, but not all that hard either, simple tweaks in the things we say and believe can hack this awesome power to begin acting in our favour more and more as we begin to transition to a more optimistic, positive force for success.

This is not a matter of being hyper-vigilant about every thought that escapes from your mind or every word that passes your lips. It is simply a matter of becoming more and more aware of the times that certain limiting beliefs show up. When they do, disrupt the thought and re-word it to something that you really want to be the truth.

Success should be an incremental and ongoing journey in the right direction, not a stressful self admonishing worry-fest every-time we act or think in the wrong way.

In the end the journey is long but worthwhile and every success should be a mini cause for celebration. That feeling of knowing you are constantly improving is priceless!

With YOUR luck, you will likely achieve this in the half the time you thought, right?


With MY luck, you will have some thought-provoking and amazing thoughts to share with me in the comments section and I will make some new friends along the way.

Thank YOU so much tor taking a little time out of your life to read my thoughts and HOPEfully share your own with me. You are so much more than appreciated. 😎

Have a wonderful day and an even better week to follow. Me and mine wish you and your all the very best wishes, take great care and see you again soon and never forget...

Together we are just better!


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Very good reflection, we should all focus on positive thoughts, I know perfectly well what that means I was like that, always with a fear and negativism ahead, but little by little I was focusing my thoughts in positive, and of course you go through difficult moments in life but just having a good attitude everything improves by itself. Besides, it is more unlikely to fall into depression or mental illness. Excellent publication!

07.06.2020 02:42

Thankyou very much for sharing your thoughts @franyeligonzalez. Yes it is far better to become better and better at this a little at a time, rather than to make a big mental-shift all at once because as we all know, they do not tend to last for the long-term.

As someone who has suffered with depression several times throughout my life, I agree it is a massive boost to try and look at things in a more optimistic light and this in turn can affect our attitude in a very welcome way.

Thanks again, take good care my friend, thanks for stopping by 🙂

07.06.2020 14:57

That's what we're here for, to support each other!

07.06.2020 19:33

Solid read.
Resteemed already. Upvote on the way :)

07.06.2020 10:09

Thank you very much for the support and bringing it to the attention of others who may find it at precisely the right time for them, a time when they need a little more HOPE 🙂

07.06.2020 14:58

Growing up with lot's of what I consider of not so pleasant experience, my mind has usually been directed towards the negative sides of life but I have realized that the only way to attract good things is by thinking in the appropriate (positive) direction.

The truth is it is not easy to completely change the mind, but I regularly tell myself how necessary it was to think in a positive direction reminding myself that life is only beautiful when we think positively and have good attitude towards everything and everyone.

07.06.2020 14:47

Wow! You got it exactly spot-on!

I too did not have the start in life I would've hoped for, and have suffered some appalling setbacks since, but as you say we find ways to overcome and be better equipped for the continuing of that life-journey in to adulthood. No, you are right, it is not easy to develop an empowering mindset, but if we seek happiness it is something we have to learn to do.

I am extremely happy to hear that you have developed this skill to aid your life and become far happier with circumstances. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts my friend, take great care and may the journey be wondrous and fulfilling 🙂

07.06.2020 15:04

With my luck I must running in the morning before even eating breakfast to spread good cheer :)

08.06.2020 12:25

Well that would certainly be the best time possible my friend as I know you know!

What an awesome way to get that metabolism ramped up like a furnace before even starting the day. Good cheer is always a great plan my friend, I don't believe people really realise just how awesome those positive ripples we send out in to the world can be.

Thanks for taking the time to stopby and doubly so for taking time to leave such a cool comment my friend 😎

08.06.2020 15:19

thanks for the heartfelt reply

10.06.2020 04:11

Thank you sir, for such a thought provoking blog. There has always been a standard debate around the fact what brings about success in our lives, is it our luck, destiny or just hard-work. These three terms are more often than not considered as disjoint sets when we say– “The luck was in his favour” or “He succeeded all because of his efforts”. But do we believe this? Do we accept the fact that we achieve success at all times just because we worked hard or the reverse that our success depends upon the fact that we were born lucky? Luck, fate and hard-work are like the ‘Chapters of a Book’ – individual chapters that leave the story incomplete without revealing its true meaning unless clubbed together. I believe that fate is something that is meant to be. It cannot be changed, for our destiny is already written and what is destined to happen shall happen, be it today or tomorrow. While luck on the other hand, is quite unpredictable and it is unknown whether it shall play in our favour or against us. Thankyou again for sharing this 🙂

29.06.2020 14:38

With my luck... I would roam around the world without any worries and complications of life💙.

29.06.2020 14:40