My Latest Project... Probably Not What Ya Think... Talk About Satisfying. ❤️

Many times in my life a word has surfaced and resurfaced over and over again and even though it's lure almost reeled me in, somehow I managed to resist the almost impossible pull.

What was the word you ask?



I have an insatiable need to help people become whatever they wish to become. Often I want this for them more than they want it for themselves, sometimes I even thrust my help and advice on to them in order to help even when they did not ask for it, want it, sometimes they were not even ready for it.

Yup I know, I had no right, with hindsight I understand this, but always believed that if I have their best interests at heart it must be the right thing to do even though I understand this was wrong.

But sometimes... Oh man, it feels so damn good to help people see themselves and their life through the eyes of another. I love to expand the consciousness of someone I care about with regard to things that appear impossible for them and I ask them questions like...

Why not you? Why can't you achieve what others have done before you?


Long story short, I have taken a neighbour kid under my wing as I can see a certain unpleasant trajectory for his life and I asked myself the question, Is it OK for me to stand by, knowing what I know and let him stumble and fall?

Nope... Absolutely not. I owe me and him the possibility to offer him the experience of an alternative vastly improved way of viewing his life, the world and his place in it.

Worst case scenario I can say that I tried to help him plot a new course filled with new possibilities for his future.

You see, my head is filled to the brim with strategies for living a more empowering life, finding ways to turn your back on sorrows and bad experiences and view oneself with optimism and fulfillment BUT of course, you cannot want it more for someone than they want it for themselves.

Let me repeat that... Because I didn't always understand it...

You CANNOT want it more for someone than they want it for themselves


  • I am coaching him on ways to earn money that are alternatives to the world of work and of J.O.B.'s, teaching him how money, debt, savings and investments work.
  • I am discussing with him his familial relationships where they are going and where they have been.
  • We are looking deeply in to how he perceives himself and working on building self-confidence.
  • We are trying to build a well define picture of just how his life will be if he follows the current route OR a far brighter, sunshine filled empowering route that sees him as the master of his own destiny making important decisions on purpose and ticking off crucial checkpoints along the way.
  • We are discussing health, wealth, happiness, politics, economics, spirituality, purpose, charity, meaning, war, peace and love in simple ways usually illustrated by short stories with a moral attached.

    His name is Bailey, I hope the community will get to meet him incredibly soon. ((I am not going to click the "post" button until he allows me to share these experiences. If you are reading it right now he said YES lol.))

    I have learned something about Bailey these past days of working with him, he has a massive amount of potential, he is an utterly lovely kid and mentoring seems to be expanding his mind to brand new ways of thinking, of viewing things and of just how capable he is of making grand plans that he would have previously believed to be impossible.

    I have learned something about me too!


    I am doing what feels right, I am fulfilling what feels like my life purpose and it feels beautiful, I mean joyous, fulfilling and almost constantly tear inducing.

    I gotta ask YOU the question though...

    Is there something that you feel or maybe even know you should be doing, but you have resisted it?

    Maybe it is time to revisit that thing that keeps prodding you, appearing in your dreams or nagging at you as you go about your day... The feeling of fulfillment when it blindsides you when you least expected it is like a bolt of lightning that can zap your life back on track in one magnificent moment!

    This is keeping me away from the blockchain a little but I really wanted to swing by and give this update of where I am what I am up to.

    I gotta check the age limit for a blog here, if Bailey is old enough I will help him register and give the payout from this post to help him get off to the right start here.

    Right now my heart feels full and it is a wonderful feeling.

    If you have a purpose, I absolutely recommend, you take a leap and follow it, you never know where it may lead or just how satisfying and fulfilling it may be.


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