Feathers Collection - Lightart


Hello steemians,
this is another one of my "feathers Collection" lightart shots.
Again I worked with feathers in my living room (my kitchen is too small😉).

I lit the orange feather from behind and below, then I made several rotations with different axes. Lens cap on, swap to another tripod and pan the cam while a 30 cm LED strip is in front of the camera.

Camera settings:
f/16 | ISO 100 | 391 sec. exposure time
Different focal lengths and focus.

All done in one longexposure. No photoshop or any other software involved.

Would you like to see more lightpainting.

Give Lightpainters United @lightpaintershub a follow and you will be introduced into the world of light painting.


Happy weekend!

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Beautiful 👌

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08.02.2020 15:04

Thanks 🙏

08.02.2020 15:19

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08.02.2020 17:38

The picture looks like Vires now China suffering!That called novel coronavirus

08.02.2020 19:28

Thanks for your comment, but I can calm you down, it's just feathers and light. I hope everything will be fine in China soon and people can be helped quickly.

08.02.2020 20:27

Thank you very much.Best regards

09.02.2020 01:03