Looking forward to helping out and supporting as many Steem Promoters as I can to get their Steem T-Shirts printed with a 100 Steem T-Shirt Sponsorship.

#Promo-Steem - Helping to Support and Promote the Promotion of #Steem around the World - 100 #Steem T-Shirt Sponsorships

Steemit Steem Blog.jpg

Sponsoring #Steem Promotional T-Shirts - #OneHundredSteem Sponsorships

As #Steem and #Steemit continues to develop, evolve and grow I would like to once again reach out to all those out there that are working tirelessly in promoting #Steem.

If you are promoting #Steem and would like some support in funding the purchase of Promotional #Steem T-Shirts to help your Promotional Campaign I am always on the look out to help out wherever I can.

Launching a New Campaign

Today, I am launching a new campaign that will give 100 #Steem to #Steem Promoters to help fund their #Steem T-Shirts.

If you are a #Steem Promoter and would like to receive a 100 #Steem Sponsorship for your #Steem T-Shirts please feel free to leave details of your #Steem Promotional Campaign in the comments below and I will take a look at it.

Sponsoring #Steem Promotional T-Shirts with the SK logo

To receive the 100 #Steem Sponsorship your #Steem T-Shirt design must include the SK logo.

Simply copy / paste the Free-to-Use SK Logo.png on to your proposed #Steem T-Shirt design.

Free-to-Use SK Logo.png

SK logo (static round) transparent edge.png

Sponsoring #Steem Promotional T-Shirts

Looking forward to helping out and supporting as many #Steem Promoters as I can to get their #Steem T-Shirts printed with these 100 #Steem Sponsorships.

Thanks again for reading.


#Promo-Steem - Helping to Support and Promote the Promotion of #Steem around the World

Steemit Steem Blog.jpg

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14.04.2021 16:21

Will let you know when I'll design a t-shirt for #promo-steem if you’ll like I'll print it and distribute it for promotion

14.04.2021 16:29

I am very glad to hear it. I hope what you dream will come true and be successful.


14.04.2021 16:29

The motif of the shirt is very good, and the logo also fits this to be part of a very good promo-steem

14.04.2021 16:35

By wearing a steemit shirt and with a community campaign outside, people will easily get to know steemit, and will be interested in playing steemit, hopefully in the future steemit will progress, hopefully the steem promotion will run smoothly, Good luck always @stephenkendal

14.04.2021 16:40

Sir, I am always trying to invite new people on steemit from Bangladesh. I don't know how to design T-shirt. But i am a boy of a village and i have a huge number of friends. They started to use steemit for me. I want to make a get together with them but now here is runing lockdown now. I will make a get together with them and tell them to invite more on steemit after lockdown. Thank you @stephenkendal

14.04.2021 17:29

very good idea.I hope your dreem will be success.Stay safe and be with us.

14.04.2021 17:33

You are always doing the great work here.You have already contribute 500 steem who are promoting #steem.That's really great. We are glad to be your followers. Thank you.

14.04.2021 17:34

Wow so nice steem t-shirt. Good job sir,@stephenkendal(77)

14.04.2021 17:36

I hope #steemit will become the largest blockchain social media one day. Your support is the most important to fill our hope.Thank you.✌️

14.04.2021 17:40

Nice sir 👍

14.04.2021 17:44

Sir, if you are in Steemit, the words have to be your own, right sir, salute from you who always work hard, where are you from? I want to be successful too like you in Steemit I'm new to Steemit, I hope you want to help me so I can understand more, I need weighing from you 😍🙏

14.04.2021 17:49

Stay with this good initiatives. Hope you will be success very soon...

14.04.2021 18:46

can I participate in this campaign sir?
I have a plan to make T-Shirts for the PromoSteem community

14.04.2021 19:15

Sure, sounds great.

I would be more happy to sponsor #Steem T-Shirts for your future Workshops and Promotional Campaigns for your team.

Feel free to put forward your proposal and draft design and I would be more than happy to take a look at it.


14.04.2021 22:10

nice... let me prepare for this sir

14.04.2021 22:26

Thanks always, sir.

14.04.2021 22:53

You are such a genius. I look forward to seeing the lovely design from you @arie.steem. I share my new steem design with @stephenkendal as my gratitude for supporting the sponsorship of those shirts that will be printed soon for the upcoming educational promo here in Ghana.

14.04.2021 22:53

I'm not that good brother ....
congratulations to you, I hope you are always there for steem promos.
I'm waiting for the results that you will make @mcsamm

14.04.2021 23:01

I would like to thank you for your support. You can check out the guides I have prepared so that new users can better understand the platform.
I will continue to introduce this platform to more people in the guides I have prepared in this way #promo-steem



14.04.2021 20:16

Awesome. The steem promo is getting more active with the support and direction of you @stephenkendal. A new steem shirt design is going to be shared in recognition of your 100 steem support in my promo work. This will be more useful in helping to get a lot of people to in the promo. I am very hopeful that, this gesture of you will motivate many others in supporting you in all efforts to make steem the best. You deserve much more than said @stephenkendal. But for now, this is my appreciation for your support in sponsoring my steem promo shirt production with 100 steem. I am most grateful once again sir.


14.04.2021 22:51

You are absolutely welcome and I am proud to be a Sponsor your #Steem Campaign in Ghana.

Looking forward to seeing the photos of the new T-Shirts.

Good luck with your Campaign and keep up the great work.


14.04.2021 23:31

Thanks sir. Working together, achieving bigger.

14.04.2021 23:34

I will like to say a big thank you for always supporting us. Hope my entry will meet your request.



14.04.2021 23:17

Good evening @stephenkendal, great incentive you provide to @mcsamm to promote the t-shirts sporting the Logo that represents you. Here I show you a model made by me. Regards

15.04.2021 01:15

Great initiative, it will surely help in marketing steemit and i will try to share my design too.

15.04.2021 06:49

I finally share the new steem t-shirt design for its production sponsored and under the directive of @stephenkendal. Please feel free to help me choose one. All ideas are welcome as well.



15.04.2021 11:22

Looking awesome.

Personally, I would go for Design 2 and lift the Steem logo and steemit.com higher up and increasing them slightly.

On the back, I would make your logo a lot bigger.

At the bottom, I would also increase the size of the QR code.

As for the colour, I always think white is the better colour to go for as a Promotional T-Shirt as it stands out more.

Other than this, awesome job.


Steemit Steem Blog.jpg

15.04.2021 11:51

Hello @stephenkendal,

I'm Jassenn from the Philippines and I've been an active promoter Steem! I am planning to promo Steem/Steemit to university students especially at pandemic times they need financial support.

Initially, I am planning to print out 50 Steemit shirts. A portion of these shirts will also be given to @julstamban, who has been promoting Steemit to the northern part of the Philippines. I live in the central part (Visayas) and so we think this collaboration would unite us in the future.

You can check out this post of mine here

This is the design. It's minimalistic to give emphasis on Steemit, SK logo, and Steem currency. As we discussed, we think this is the best design that we can come up with.

Promo Steem TShirts Campaign v1.png

We hope that we will be part of the sponsored team to support our campaign. That will really help us to attain the total cost of printing these shirts and at the same time give them Steemit flyers that they can use for their posts and future campaigns.

This is also a collage of the Steemit campaigns I launched before and if you remembered me, I was featured in Steemfest before too.

Collage Promotions.png

Best regards,


15.04.2021 14:37


Looks great and I would be more than happy to Sponsor your T-Shirts with 100 #Steem.

Can I make a few suggestions to your Design.

  1. Move the SK logo slightly higher.
  2. Reduce the Steem logo and wording slightly and again move slightly higher.
  3. Increase the Steemit logo on the back to reflect the same size as the Steem logo on the front and drop lower.
  4. Change Steemit to read steemit.com and have it in larger letters across the back.

If you are happy to go with these changes please resubmit your Design in the comments here.


15.04.2021 15:19

Thanks so much for the positive response @stephenkendal! Fully read your suggestions and this is the new design.



If there's anything that's still needed to be revised. Please let me know. Thank you.

15.04.2021 17:00

Looking better.

Can you delete the words "Stephen Kendal" under the SK logo.

I may have confused you slightly on the back.

What I meant was on the back to read .......... steemit.com

Not ........ read steemit.com

Can you delete the word "read" and I think you should be good to go.

When you have made these changes drop a final draft below and I will get ready to transfer the 100 #Steem over to you.


15.04.2021 17:14

Got it. Thanks for the feedback! These are the final draft of the Shirt design.



15.04.2021 17:26

100 #Steem

OneHundredSteem Sponsorship for your Promotional T-Shirts.

Good luck.


Steemit Steem Blog.jpg

15.04.2021 17:33

Received. Thank you so much @stephenkendal! This will really help us!

15.04.2021 17:44

Hi sir tho this is about t-shirt sponsorship, would you mind checking my fund raising to give away free facemasks to our new recruits and old members in our community in the Philippines, with steemit/steem designs and your logo. Sir @stephenkendal, your 100 steem could produce 50 facemasks, 2 steem per facemask (including shipping fee to faraway areas where we can't meet face to face).

This design is still adjustable depending on your suggestions sir!

stephen kendal proposal.jpg

Here is the link of my post: https://goldvoice.club/steem/@julstamban/steem-facemask-design-or-will-be-use-for-steemit-steem-campaign-the-most-suitable-campaign-during-this-pandemic

15.04.2021 16:23

Hello @stephenkendal, this is my Steem shirt design to be used for my Steem promo in Accra, Ghana, for your perusal and recommendation:


19.04.2021 20:36