Hi stemians I greet you all in the name of our dear Lord Jesus Christ.
Lets be inspired by Gods word as we read.
John 8:1-11
The following parties are involved in the Bible text.The adulterous woman and man, Jesus Christ
and the teachers of the law and the pharisees.
Men will condemn you but Jesus will justify you.Let your focus be on God and not on man because with man there's always condemnation whiles with God there is justification.Looking at Jesus question to the rulers and their silence response depicts that they were all guilty of some sin but overlooked their own sin and tried to bring judgement on the one caught in the act of sin.The rulers were hypocrites and wanted to stone the one caught in a sinful act.God is omniprescent.Jesus is God and therefore He asked a question that will deliver the undeliverable.No matter your situation God can and will deliver us in jesus name if we have faith in Him.
One thing the rulers didn't now was that Jesus will set her free on account of being caught in adultery.The law demanded her being stoned but the man of calvary who was full of grace delivered her from the cluthes of the rulers.I see God delivering you from your accusers in jesus name.Even though you are a culprit but the mercy of God will save you.
When you are with God you live a life of holiness but when you are with men you live a life sin
Que : If the condemner decides not to condemn you then who again can condemn you ?
Sin attracts tormenters so therefore we should be careful.What would have happened to the adulterous woman if they didn't had brought her to Jesus ? I believe you know what would have happened.Jesus can deliver you from an undeliverable situation but after that becareful with sin.

Sin is lawbreaking.Sin brings tormenters and tormenters can end your life if it doesn't happen to you in the case of the adulterous woman.
Jesus said "Go and leave your life of sin" meaning He wishes her to go and live a life of holiness.Living in sin is costly and expensive.According to scripture God is holy and we should be holy also since we are his sons and daughters.May God show us mercy and help us to leave the life of sin and live a life of holiness in jesus name. (1 Peter 1:16 ( John 8:1-11 )

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Thank you @stephendunamis for this insightful message.

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