Angie (New fresh song and video)

I travel a lot and I meet amazing people on my journeys.

Steemit baby!

Music lyrics: Steffan Rundquist

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Hi steffan,

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31.12.2019 14:50

I admire musicians a lot because they have the ability to convey many feelings and emotions with a single melody. Thanks for sharing. It has been a great pleasure to have heard. Happy New Year

31.12.2019 16:05

Hello marcybetancourt! Niiice that you like the song! I hope you have a nice year 2020! A big hug! Steffan

03.01.2020 17:07

hi dear @steffan, you have a lot of energy, even if the song is romantic and about love !! great sound !! did you make the video too? I love Stockholm :-)) all the best for you on the new year

31.12.2019 19:35

Hello roadtohorizon! Thank you! Nice that you like the song, yes I made the video too! Happy new year and I hope you a greaaat year 2020! Hug! Steffan

03.01.2020 17:08


I hope you are having a good day, I can tell you that the music is spectacular! Keep playing and producing :)

Greetings and happy holidays from Venezuela

31.12.2019 20:17

Hola iamsray!
Nice that you like my music!
I have my own recording studio (computer soundcard etc) and I do everything myself!
Espero que todo esta bien y that you have a great new year 2020. Un abrazo! Steffan

03.01.2020 17:10