Crypto UP / Crypto Down (analysis among the top 100) [November 17, 2021] [EN]-[IT]


EN - IoTeX (IOTX), in the last 7 days has made a + 62% and today is worth $ 0.21.
Blockchain dedicated to the internet of things
IT - Avalanche (AVAX), negli ultimi 7 giorni ha fatto un +62% ed oggi vale 0,21$.
Blockchain dedicata all’internet of things


EN - Decentraland (MANA), in the last 7 days has made a + 21% and today is worth $ 3.35.
Project dedicated to the Metaverse
IT - Decentraland (MANA), negli ultimi 7 giorni ha fatto un +21% ed oggi vale 3,35$.
Progetto dedicato al Metaverso


EN - The Sandbox (SAND), in the last 24 hours has made a + 29% and today is worth $ 3.37.
Project dedicated to the Metaverse
IT - The Sandbox (SAND), nelle ultime 24 ore ha fatto un +29% ed oggi vale 3,37$.
Progetto dedicato al Metaverso


EN - OMG Network (OMG), in the last 7 days has made a -34.80% and today is worth $ 10.50.
Blockchain dedicated to payments
IT - OMG Network (OMG), negli ultimi 7 giorni ha fatto un -34,80% ed oggi vale 10,50$.
Blockchain dedicata ai pagamenti


EN - Zcash (ZEC), in the last 24 hours has made a -11.90% and today is worth $ 162.
Blockchain dedicated to payments in private form.
IT - Zcash (ZEC), nelle ultime 24 ore ha fatto un -11,90% ed oggi vale 162 $.
Blockchain dedicata ai pagamenti in forma privata.


Tokens dedicated to the Metaverse have grown a lot in recent weeks, it seems that the metaverse is starting to attract the attention of many people. For some projects dedicated to the payments sector, these were days in red, it could be a purchase opportunity.

I token dedicati al Metaverso sono cresciuti molto in queste settimane, sembra che il metaverso inizi ad attirare l’attenzione di molte persone. Per alcuni progetti dedicati al settore dei pagamenti sono stati dei giorni in rosso, potrebbe essere un’occasione d’acquisto.

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@steefano.massari you really like bitcoin problems, I hope I also have to like bitcoin like you.

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17.11.2021 11:14

maybe in the future Metaverse will grow rapidly, do you want to invest @stefano.massari?

17.11.2021 11:47

The metaverse is something still unknown and not performing, but it is the future. Maybe we will see something good in that sector in 2024. I think I will shortly invest in some tokens dedicated to the Metaverse. Maybe I'll do some posts on Steemit

17.11.2021 21:24

Yes, keep following me on the good news about the development of the Metaverse, I will always visit your posts😊

18.11.2021 01:35

I think I will analyze Mana and Sandbox shortly

18.11.2021 17:52

ok, I will wait for further analysis from you thank you for sharing knowledge about crypto

18.11.2021 22:05

get ready, in the next period I will analyze many projects

19.11.2021 11:47

I will always be ready to wait for your posts and never get tired of reading your posts👍

19.11.2021 11:59

Brother, you have written a very good blockchain post

17.11.2021 13:11

thank you for following me and for appreciating my posts

17.11.2021 21:19

We are all interested in the development of the implementation of virtual currencies. Thank you.

17.11.2021 14:36

in 2030 the whole world will not be able to do without cryptocurrencies

17.11.2021 21:13

I got to know about Meta when facebook changed its name

17.11.2021 16:25

As for me I will not buy anything that gives close to the world of Facebook, first they have to give me money for all the time I spent on Facebook and they did not pay me. I feel much better here on Steemit

17.11.2021 21:10

Its has been a roller coaster for crypto this month

17.11.2021 19:53

Don't worry, we haven't reached the top of the roller coaster yet

17.11.2021 21:04

@camlock, @will91, @lyra-b, @gugumarino, non ci sono dubbi che questa settimana è stata la settimana dei token dedicati al metaverso. Credo che per noi sia suonata la sveglia a riguardo di questa tipologia di investimenti.

17.11.2021 21:40

These analyzes are very interesting, we can keep track of these cryptos, although there will always be high and low variations, everyone has to find the right moment to make the investment.

17.11.2021 23:08

The cryptocurrency that is surprising me most of all right now is IoTeX, it is not only this week that it has excellent performances

18.11.2021 17:53

I said, I am interested in the development of virtual currencies, and it seems that more and more people will be interested every day,
I myself have never gotten paid on Facebook, but here I am as a beginner I have enjoyed the payment,
I agree with you sir @stefano.massari, in steemit everything we do will not be in vain,
and I also need to say, if someone wants to lend me funds, I dare to accept it for me to invest here.

18.11.2021 05:07

Then I wish you good work on Steemit and keep in touch

18.11.2021 17:46

of course! I will do well here, and maintain a good relationship too

18.11.2021 18:32

La prestazione di iotex è notevole!

18.11.2021 12:38

Si, ed è una prestazione notevole dopo un buon periodo, questo vuol dire che ha molta forza... gli investitori credono in questo progetto

18.11.2021 16:16

Very good post...

18.11.2021 13:56

thank you for your appreciation

18.11.2021 16:13

Thanks you sir for sharing 👍

18.11.2021 16:05

thank you for visiting my profile and for leaving a comment on this post.

18.11.2021 18:59

Excellent post dear 🌹

18.11.2021 17:23

These posts are also useful for me to monitor the cryptocurrency market

18.11.2021 18:58

Terimakasih banyak bapak atas informasinya sangat bermanfaat sekali bagi saya 💯

18.11.2021 20:55

Thanks you sir for sharing..

18.11.2021 21:15

Very useful information

19.11.2021 02:10