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Steem is no longer decentralised and may steal your funds. Use Hive instead.

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Voted, upvoted and resteemed!

11.01.2020 11:15

She has nearly 24k followers, which is more than the active Steem users.

Well, that's depressing haha.

11.01.2020 11:21

Steem really is tiny compared to most social sites. It would only take one or two 'influencers' to bring over their followers to stir things up. We still have issues with usability. @slobberchops was telling me he onboarded someone who gave up after struggling to use it on their phone. Maybe we need a guide article about that.

11.01.2020 13:00

@slobberchops was telling me he onboarded someone who gave up after struggling to use it on their phone.

I'm distraught...

11.01.2020 14:11

Gone up to third place now ...

11.01.2020 11:27

Voted. I hadn't even heard of any of this other stuff haha. I know what mining is of course..but that's not 'earning' Crypto, that's buying it.

11.01.2020 11:28

I tried. Too late!

11.01.2020 13:26

Never mind. We need to keep an eye out for other polls like this so we can help promote Steem. Getting people aware of it is the first step.

11.01.2020 13:28

For sure! Steem did pretty well in the poll.

11.01.2020 14:00

She’s also posting regularly on steemit now so at least we have that going for us, come on convert those 24k Twitter followers to steemians

11.01.2020 15:02

Not many people follow or comment on her stuff though which should be a basic first step. If she gets interaction she will keep posting. If nothing she will drop out again.

11.01.2020 16:04

I’ve been making sure to interact with her on Steem! But yeah I agree if you’re not profiting and not getting engagement what’s the point of the effort

I’m keen to see how this place hops once the next big run comes

11.01.2020 16:18

I'm hoping that communities are ready for then. That way when the next wave land they can find a place straight away to post and interact instead of getting lost and frustrated.

All you want to do is sign up and find the beer community or whatever to see some interesting posts, comment, discuss them and then even post your own after a while.

The basics for any social media.

11.01.2020 16:24

Pretty sad. I voted for STEEM on this poll late last week. There are quite a few people that have a pretty negative opinion of STEEM. One guy seemed to love Publish0x or whatever it is called though.

13.01.2020 13:08

We know Steem works and anyone can benefit from it. I'll keep pushing to recruit more. It will never be perfect, but it has great potential.

13.01.2020 13:21