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Steem Women's Club Community Contest #6 Promite Your Favorite City || Grand Awards ! || Quality Content of the Day

  • Hello beautiful women of the community:

    • We have seen how women contribute to household livelihoods. We saw how they invested and become entrepreneurs at Steemit.Thanks to the contest, we once again saw the power of women. Thanks again to those who participated in the contest.

I announced the winners of the competition. We congratulate the winners, We continue to offer you and win contests, we read beautiful and quality content. Mostly everyone got good awards.
I will continue to bring you back and encourage you to be active. We are not one in this community, we will all win!

Many thanks to @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02 @booming accounts for their support for the contest.

Quality posts was given extra votes.

Results of the Contest;

Steem Women's Club Contest #5 ENDED || Do women help the family earn a living? || How do you invest in Steemit || CONTEST RESULT


What is the Subject of the Contest?

"Promote Your Favorite City" This week, I want you to introduce your dream city.
Or I want to learn everything about the city, culture, food and festivals you love.

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Contest Tips;

It would be better if it was not the city where you live.
Features of your favorite city,
In which country you are
Their cults, clothes and festivals,
Your favorite food
And tell why you are your favorite.
Show off your most beautiful pictures.
Tell everything we need to know.

Take care to have detailed, quality and original content
For emphasis in your post, please see the Markdown Styling Guide Use Preview . Writing styles written in different programs are not translated into different languages.
There is no limit to language options, but it will be easier for me to understand if you write in English
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Contest Rules;

You must share your post in the Steemwomen's Club community
Resteem the contest post
your post must be your own
Invite your friends
More than 300 words
You should use the #steemwomensclub and #womensclubfavoritecity tags.(Don't Forget)

  • The reason we make this tag is to keep the contest posts together and the selection is easy.

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About the Competition:

Of course, we all dreamed of a journey during this pandemic period. Some of us traveled and some of us could not leave the house.I want you to introduce a city you dream of or want to go to.
This may be the city you love very much. For example, 'Paris' may be your favorite city. The city of lovers, where every woman falls in love as she admires :)
The reason I chose a city is that a lot of women in the community are in the same city so I chose 'Promote your favorite city' so that the posts are not the same

Imagine Yourself in the City You Love!

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Competition Awards;

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