Steem Women's Club Community& @booming ||Community Support Program || Voting Support for Quality Content

Hello Beautiful Women of the Community;

I will have good news today. A few days ago I applied via telegram with @Joanna2018 for the Community Support program. Our partnership started today.

@steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 will continue to support our contests.

As of today, high quality and #steemexclusive posts shared at SteemWomen's Club Community will be supported by @booming.

Community Support Program.png

About the Support Program;

Accounts have been set up to provide more rewarding support for quality content in communities. Four more curator accounts for this new program, each funded with 1.3 million Steem Power.
@booming03 and
We will post to accounts a selection of the best #steemexclusive posts to be upgraded daily by curating accounts.

Posts rewarded by @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 will not be sent.
The aim here is to increase quality content in the community,To give voting support for quality content.In this way, it will not be ignored.

Rules for 5 posts to be selected per day;

I will select 5 posts per day. I will send them to the curators accounts for vote support.
As I always say, quality content will be selected,
Photos will belong to you. You cannot use photos with copyright.
Posts must be #steemexclusive only. Posts shared on different platforms will not be selected.
There will be no plagiarism.

Posts that do not comply with these rules will not be selected. If elected, it will cause the community to leave the program.

Therefore, take care to prepare quality content. I will make a selection every day.

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5 quality posts today;



Reutilizando una camisa vieja


Maquillaje de ojos paso a paso, quédate conmigo y aprenderemos juntas



Mi presentacion en la comunidad de SteemWomen's Club






Wall Ornament Made of Wood and Paper

Shape 3.png

Thanks for creating quality content. Continue to post.

Many thanks to the supporters of this program.



Discord Channel;

Comments 3

Esto está maravilloso.

06.01.2021 17:22

Waooooo gracias por tomarme en cuenta sabia que esta comunidad se las trae..jejeje. muy agradecida.

07.01.2021 04:34

Hello sir. You are not a contest sponsor. SOn keeps saying that my sharifanam's award was not voted in the contest.

You know I have been accepted into the community support program, but will I say that 5 quality content will be supported by @booming as a reward for the new contest? Are these supports guaranteed. The community is getting better now, active posts have increased. I do my best for them to create quality content. I could not share the new contest post as I could not find support for the contest. I wrote telegram to joanna to support them for the contest, but could not get an answer.
The subject of the new contest was about investing women in the steemit.

I look forward to your reply. Have a nice day.

Best regards @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02

10.01.2021 06:59