Steem Women Club Warning ⚠ | ❌ AVOID PLAGIARISM ! | Be Original and Earn ✔

Hello beautiful women of Steem Women Club community;

Today I will inform you about an important issue. This is a topic that concerns everyone and should be taken seriously. First of all, we strive to keep the posts in the community in order, and also for you to prepare posts in a more efficient community. For this reason, it is useful to remind some rules. Paying attention to these warnings will benefit you and provide quality for the posts you share in every community.

For 5 months, we have worked hard to make this community the best reward, enjoyment and chat environment for you. You supported us by believing in our sincerity. Our request from you is that you strictly abide by Steemit's Rules.

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While browsing through the community posts for a few weeks, I saw that there were too many posts per day and too many copy-paste posts. So a little reminder for you;

Avoid Plagiarism!

The most important thing to know when getting started with Steemit is to be authentic. Using other people's ideas and thoughts as our own thoughts or words is a crime everywhere. Steemit's main idea; is to receive an award by revealing original ideas. Some accounts have already taken action for this. Plagiarism accounts may find you, even if we do not find you. And can notify the curators. You can get the first down-vote by the curators.
As the Steem women club community, we will find people by doing individual research to prevent plagiarism. Precautions for Plagiarism;

We will make sure that your posts are not copy-paste. We will do this with the help of some paid site.

You will receive the first warning when you plagiarize.

After the second warning, we will make a note of your name and make a note of your name.

Telegram, whatsapp, discord channels will be warned for you frequently. Please do not forget to register.

Posts that make plagiarism will not be selected as quality posts.

Complete Achievement 3 From Steemit Rules

When we first become a member of Steemite, we must do their success missions in the Newcomers community. And doing these success missions will benefit you a lot. For this reason, completing the success 3 mission makes you understand that this issue is important. We can say that many accounts are banned in this way.

Achievement 3: Content Etiquette;


The objectives of this Mission are:

•Newcomers are familiar with the Proof of Brain concept.

•Newcomers have basic knowledge of producing and sharing quality / original content.

•Newcomers adopting current Steem Community etiquette.

Suggestions for Avoiding Plagiarism;

• Write your blog in your own words,

• You can get ideas from different posts, but you should come up with ideas yourself.

• If your pictures are original, it will ensure that it is a quality post.

• Or you can use images that are not copyrighted.

[shutterstock] (

[pexels] (

[Pixabay] (

[unsplash] (

In addition
• Do not share any of your posts on the Steemit platform on any other platform. Or do not share your posts on other platforms on the Steemit platform. It will cause you to be blocked. #Steemexclusive hashtag
We make sure your shipments are private.

You can get detailed information by reading the posts in the community. Or you can get information by asking the representatives. Do not forget our motto; WE ARE STRONG TOGETHER


SteemWomen Club Discord :

İnstagram Account: Steem WOmen Club

Twitter Account:Steemwomenclub

Blog Site : Site

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Comments 10

Plagiarism is an urgly threat and should seriously be avoided. I am happy for this post @steemwomenclub. It really should be taken seriously. I will assist in fishing out plagiarized contents. Thanks for this

29.04.2021 10:24

Thank you so much for this awareness created. I will do my best to abide by the rules here.

29.04.2021 11:18

Great initiative taken by @steemwomensclub
Have a great day ahead!!!!

29.04.2021 11:35

Thank you for reminding us.

29.04.2021 12:00

Hello, good morning @steemwomenclub, excellent topic to discuss. It is very important for all of us who make life here in this community and on the Steemit platform. Yesterday I was talking to my nieces who are just starting on this platform, who will try to be original, because here plagiarism is taken very seriously. and it can cause problems for them.
Thanks for bringing up the topic of plagiarism.

29.04.2021 15:29

Excelente de verdad, para eso es la plataforma y su parte educativa que sea material de calidad! Gracias al equipo de @steemwomenclub por su trabajo e información

29.04.2021 17:28

muchas gracias muy buena publicación

30.04.2021 03:25

Muy bien recibida la información, gracias por su trabajo en esta comunidad.

30.04.2021 16:49

Información muy valiosa. Gracias por mantenernos informados y como siempre haciendo recomendaciones.

02.05.2021 17:12

Muy interesante y detallado acerca del tema

03.05.2021 15:06