Steem Women Club & Steem Men's Club Join Contest | Participate in "Register Your Friends on Steemit" Contest | | Grand Prizes Total 150 steem

Hello everyone,

I will make a surprise competition announcement for you today. We have organized competitions as Steem Women Club for weeks. And We Distributed Big Awards. Today I will announce to you the joint competition of the two communities ..

In cooperation with @steemmensclub we are hosting a very big contest that will have 150 STEEM in Rewards in total.


Ongoing Active Contest;

Steem Women Club Community Contest #15 DIY(Do İt Yourself) Art | 3 WINNERS BIG AWARDS | 3K Exclusive Extra 3 Winner Reward Surprise

Register Your Partners & Friends (Familiars) into Steemit

We do love competitions that will benefit Steemit Platform. We will continue to contribute to Steemit as much as we can, this time we ask you to call your partners, friends, familiars any men, female to register to Steemit.

Within the Steem Women Club, you will register your partners, or your female /male friends, to Steemit. With this we will see the interest you have towards Steemit, also you bring a benefit to the community by bringing new people.

Competition Rules to follow

• Describe how you registered a person or people in Steemit Platform

• Tell what you said to persuade a person to join Steemit
•You must register at least people

•You have to help your saved people for 2 achievement missions. (The person you recorded the Achievement 1 and Success 2 tasks should write)

• Mentioion what do you know aboutSteemit

• Share visuals with a person while rstering

• Help tp the person you invite with theist post

• Subscrubscribe to both Steem Men's Club and [Steem Women Club](

• Make s Make sure you share your post in tunities

• It Mus
• It Must words.

• Don't s.
• Don't forget to use the hashtag #steemwomenclub #steemmensclub

Competition Awards

The winner will be the one who registers the most people to Steemit in this contest. 5 people with the most registrations will earn equal prices. If the number of registered people is the same, quality of the content will be primarily. At the same time we will create a post with 5 best posts, they will have an additional chance to win prizes through Steem Curators because of the quality. We will choose quality posts for the Community Support Program.

1st place for most invitations: 15 STEEM

2nd place for most invitations: 15 STEEM

3rd place for most invitations: 15 STEEM

4th place for most invitations: 15 STEEM

5th place for most invitations: 15 STEEM

• 75 STEEM will be distributed to 5 female users in Steem Women Club for inviting as more male users
• 75 STEEM will be distributed to 5 male users in Steem Men's Club for inviting as more female users
In total of 150 STEEM in Rewards

Contest start on 23rd of April and ends on 30th of April
According to Turkey time 23;59

Note: This contest is valid for this week only.



SteemWomen Club Discord :

İnstagram Account: Steem WOmen Club

Twitter Account:Steemwomenclub

Blog Site : Site

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Comments 31

Çok güzel ve faydalı bir yarışma 🙏umarım bir çok katılım olacak 🙏

23.04.2021 17:32

Desconocia que existia un club de hombres. Que bien!

23.04.2021 17:43

This will great, let's get back to work

23.04.2021 17:45

A new alliance, so good I can't wait to see who the winners will be. I will try to win. Congratulations on this contest.

23.04.2021 17:49

Amazing contest and a surprise one at that, we will surely win

23.04.2021 17:55

Interesante concurso

23.04.2021 18:05

Excelente concurso, a llenar steemit de nuestras personas favoritas.

23.04.2021 18:09

Congratulations, I believe it will be a great event ''

23.04.2021 18:43

Me encanta este concurso. Yo ya he registrado a 5 familiares en 4 dias. Si se puede!!! #juntassomosmasfuertes.

23.04.2021 19:05

Me parece un buen concurso me animare a participar.

23.04.2021 19:10

Que bien! Es bueno unirse para un fin en comun. Bendiciones!!

23.04.2021 21:02

Buenas tardes amigas de Steemwomenclub aqui les dejo mi participación espero sea de su aceptación un placer..
Aqui mi link podran ver el enlace de facebook![Screenshot_20210423-170040.png](">

23.04.2021 21:04

It is a great opportunity for our friends to be here too. Thanks for this contest

23.04.2021 22:42

Excelente concurso, espero participar, es muy importante el crecimiento de nuestra blockchain que tanto ha echo por nosotros.

23.04.2021 23:52

Excelente concurso, espero participar, es muy importante el crecimiento de nuestra blockchain que tanto ha echo por nosotros.

23.04.2021 23:53

Me encanta, cada Día pasan cosas mejores arriba steemwomensclub

24.04.2021 03:28

An amazing contest
I'm on it right away.

24.04.2021 04:39

Lo intentare @steemwomensclub, ya estaba haciendo las gestiones ahora aprovechar para concursar...

24.04.2021 04:41

Diffinitely a good initiative @steemwomensclub

24.04.2021 04:51

steemwomensclub Good afternoon many Blessings, it is a pleasure to help my friends to be part of #steemit. my participation

25.04.2021 17:59

This is a really good initiative @steemwomensclub and im so happy because i will be participating in it

26.04.2021 10:20

Saludos, exelente iniciativa... Poco a poco vamos sumando nuevos integrantes para está familia en construcción. Abrazos para todas.

Aquí mi enlace de participación.

26.04.2021 12:03

This is going to interesting am all in

26.04.2021 15:28

invite friends contest. interesting
can we collaborate, I am the admin of
we can make an additional donation for this contest

26.04.2021 18:12

¡Saludos! Espero que se encentren bien, con mucho amor les estaré dejando el link de mi participación:
Concurso "Registra a tus amigos en Steemit" || Sumando steeminians por @ariannyrojas.

29.04.2021 01:18

Hello. I am happy to take part in the contest by inviting my two-best friends which finally did their achievement 2 so I could participate.

Here is the link of my participation:

Thank you ♥

30.04.2021 10:42

Holaa, a tan solo horas de culminar el concurso, comparto con ustedes mi participación, espero sea de su agrado.

Integrando a personitas en la plataforma by:@danicordellat


30.04.2021 12:54
01.05.2021 01:42