Never have I ever...

...had so much fun during a Hard Fork!

THANK YOU to all who participated!

About the same time as the Steem blockchain winked-out during HardFork21, folks started piling into the voice-channel in the Steem Terminal discord server. It had been planned for quite some time that we would have a hang-out to pass the time while the blockchain was unusable, with announcements posted to the blockchain and in our discord. We had a blast together for about five hours — well, some of us were there for the entire time, while others left earlier to do "real-life" stuff, and some popped-in later.

We chatted for a bit, about life-in-general and the Hard Fork in particular. We played some silly games and gave away some prizes: Steem Monster card packs (kindly donated by b>@aggroed, thank you!), some tokens donated by b>@fraenk (thank you!), and other tokens (SHADE, GEEK, COOKIE, etc.) donated by a staff member of the Steem Terminal. At the end of it all, more tokens were tipped to everyone who was there, so no one walked away empty-handed! (If you were present and didn't receive any tokens, please let b>@thekittygirl know.)

A couple of songs were played during the festivities, giving folks a chance to refill their drinks, go pee, or whatever they had to do. Then, at some point when the talking came to a lull, b>@fraenk queued a couple of songs on the music-bot that made us clamor for more, and he spun quite the DJ set for a while, until he had to leave. (Thank you, b>@fraenk!) Then, b>@thekittygirl took over and continued the groove until it was time for the b>@innerblocks radio show on "Rambling Radio" in TheRamble discord.

It was a very fun and amazing time, with some good people and good energies. THANKS AGAIN to all who attended and made it a fabulous party! 😃

~ authored by @thekittygirl on behalf of @steemterminal ~

The SteemTerminal is a discord server which was founded tto help introduce newbie to the Steem blockchain some basic orientation and help them find communities where they can thrive, learn, and grow!

to learn more about either of these projects, please visit: @heyhaveyamet or @steemterminal

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Sounds like a I missed a good party
But then again, I was sound asleep and woke up on the other side 😊

29.08.2019 06:28

It was #pypt that directed me to this post, but I was at the party with you! It was a lot of fun. Thanks again for the starter pack too! I've opened it, now need to figure out how to play. :)

29.08.2019 23:57

Sounds like you folk had a good time.... thankfully I was fast asleep in my bed.... Would like to know more about Steem Terminal, as we want to set up some resources for newbies......

30.08.2019 00:19

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