Pay With Steem: The BuildTeam Shop


Our first official sale is now over. Thanks for everyone who bought some stuff!

Now that the dust has settled, I thought I would take the time to elaborate on Steemstyle's mission. It's really rather simple: Live that Steem Life.

For many of us, Steem is a way of Life. We interact and engage with Steem apps all day long. We build lasting friendships, we create, we innovate, and connect. And because we believe in it, the Steem lifestyle becomes part of who we are. Part of our culture and identity.

And at some point, we feel like celebrating that part of our lives. We feel like talking about it. Or in the case of Steemstyle, wearing clothes or using products that are branded with something we're truly excited about.

We at Steemstyle are not here to "crush the competition". In our eyes, anytime someone wears a Steem t-shirt (regardless of where they made the purchase), it's a big win for the entire Steem community. Any team, project, or person who's willing to invest time and energy into building the Steem ecosystem deserves a high five, fist bump, and/or thumbs up.

Which brings me to the point of this post:

Go Check Out the BuildTeam Shop!

What's cool about their shop is they DO accept STEEM as a payment method. So if you want to use Steem to pay for your stuff, that's the place to do it.

They've also got a few other things in their shop besides clothing--like digital subscriptions and online services.

You can visit the @buildteam website at:

We'd like to compile a list of all the Steem-related shops, so if anyone knows of some other ones, let us know! We think it's important to support all the people looking to make Steem better.


We're still working out the details, but the plan right now is to reward QUALITY posts that utilize photos or videos of Steem merchandise. The merchandise may not necessarily be from Steemstyle. It can be from anywhere. SteemFest attendance badge? Sure, that counts. Heck, it might even be homemade.

To increase the effectiveness of this initiative, the token rewards will most likely span across all social media platforms. The more effort you put into sharing the Steem Life with the world, the more likely you'll be receiving STYLE in your wallet.

Once you have enough STYLE, you can use it to buy something cool in the Steemstyle store!

Your best bet will be to order some Steem clothes from somewhere so that you have them in time for the STYLE token program launch!


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Niceeee!!! I was wondering why there was no pay with crypto option! I can see not spending steem at this price but this is a good option!!

07.10.2019 00:39

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