SteemSTEM Distilled #119

This week is special, as lemouth is not really back, but his quantum shadow is spying what is going on with the distilled again! So @lemouth didn't finish as a meal for leopards in India (and met @dexterdev instead). In the meantime, here is a fresh 119th distilled. For those who do not know what SteemSTEM is, please take a look [here](!/faq) or come say hi on [Discord]( or in the Steem Chat.

[image credits: @medro-martin]
Before moving on with the two best posts that have been selected by @lemouth and @mobbs (from all the posts found by our curators last week), here are a few of the most supported posts (of last week):
| Author | Title | | ------ | ------ | | @ulisesfl17| Epistemological Path to Understanding Suicide in Society| | @agmoore2| The Immune System: Your Best Friend, Your Worst Enemy| | @riccc96| Medical microbiology, mycobacteria and TBC| | @scienceblocks| Nuts and bolts of qPCR| | @vieanna| The invention of modern letterpress printing| | @carloserp-2000| Methods of characterization of materials / sixth part| | @anaestrada12| Pulmonary Neoplasms: Pancoast tumor in 52-year-old female| | @ulisesfl17| Emotional window to understanding diseases| | @astrophoto.kevin   | The Bubble Nebula - NGC7635| | @riccc96| Medical Microbiology, Spirochaetes and Syphilis|
Interested in being part of that list? Please check [these guidelines](!/faq) or ask for a mentor on [Discord]( or on the Steem Chat.

Our top choices

Epistemological Path to Understanding Suicide in Society [Protection of Life]

@ulisesfl17 brought us thuis week a very important topic: suicides, something that concerns 800.000 people yearly and that consists in the second cause of death for the young adults. The post starts from the good old Socrates and discusses suicides until much more recent time, where it is recognised as a psychological issue. Feel free to pass by to know more.

The Lab Notebook - nuts and bolts of qPCR

Wit this new series, @scienceblocks describes extensively the techniques he use on a regular basis for his research. Today, the topic concerns qPCR, which is of course related to genes (the of course standing for those following him for some time). The 'q' stands for quantitative, and the 'PCR' is related to a reaction dedicated to DNA amplification. To get more information, please read the post!


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The list of upvoted post authors, potentially getting some extra support from @curie and @minnowbooster, is:
@aellly, @agmoore2, @anaestrada12, @anomalogy, @aqua.nano, @astrophoto.kevin, @azfix, @azulear, @blessed-girl, @brittandjosie, @capp, @carlos84, @carloserp-2000, @cervantes, @chappertron, @corsica, @danieli98, @deanliu, @elmundodexao, @emperorhassy, @empressteemah, @enforcer48, @etcmike, @faltermann, @felixmarranz, @felixrodriguez, @gracielaacevedo, @hongtao, @iamphysical, @ideas-abstractas, @inertia, @iptrucs, @iradyjr, @jakipatryk, @jlufer, @loveforlove, @lupafilotaxia, @marcanofernanda, @necho41, @neladepablos, @newton666, @ozelot47, @ozricho, @rbalzan79, @riccc96, @scienceblocks, @serlanvet, @stem-espanol, @trumpman, @ulisesfl17, @vieanna, @walterprofe
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See you all next MonTuesday!

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Thanks! :)

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Great, we continue to work for the growth of the best scientific project in STEEM.

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Happy to see the project still alive after being 2 months away :)

30.11.2019 20:29

Yeah, @lemouth wasn't eaten :) Meanwhile, in the U. S. we're preoccupied with the eating holiday, Thanksgiving! Family and food a good way to recharge the batteries, but also distracting. I'll have to catch up on reading. As usual, Distilled will be helpful. Thank you!

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Hehe ^^

I indeed noticed everything was calm in the US (I had to prepare my upcoming trip on week in advance because of Thanksgiving... boarding in 24 hours exactly :) ).

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Hi, could you please remove me from your blacklist? Since months I do not use the #stem tag as promised, so what is the point? Your blacklisting is annoying, as it flags me in all communities.

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