Come to Discord and get to celebrate Steem-Engine tokens and the Banjo discord bot's tip feature with tips from ackza

To celebrate all of the new developments and new tokens on the steem user @ackza made a video using the Ditty Animation App inviting you all for free crypto at the discord or where @ackza has been giving out tips and using the $rain command from the @banjo bot which has an amazing tipping feature built by his creator @inertia who we thank for this bot we use.

(the Instagram version of the video promoting discord giveaway)

SteemSpeak discord user @ackza ( ackza#0826 on discord ) has decided to give out some Cryptocurrency tips (money tips not info tips) using the @banjo discord bot which has a very useful tipping feature using tokens. This means that with just a discord account he can give out and you can receive dogecoin bitcoin eos litecoin bitcoincash and bitshares along with a few new EOSIO pegged assets like PSO Crypto peso from @eosvenezuela and ANX Anox token from @anox-fund and soon we will even have Pixeos. We are also distributing a much larger amounts of non pegged tokens like SAND and ASS which ackza has been raining down on the chat with the $rain feature that @steemitqa taught him about yesterday in chat. It was a fun experience to see everyone in the entire discord on Steemspeak get some Sand Ass ANX and PSO but it is a lot more fun to see individual tipping to each new person that comes in so we will be sure to continue with that!

It is also interesting to note that this new tip bot requires you have a steem account so when we have these posts pon reddit and twitter, new users coming in can't just take their dogecoin and run, they need to setup a steem account to do their withdraw so this should be a great way to encourage peopel to signup at or to request a steemivniet or invite link as invite tokens can be purchased for around 2 steem.

So come on down to the discord and get a grab bag of tokens! We have already doen a few $rain events to ensure everyone there so far has gotten tokens, and for the next few days @ackza will be using $rain to ensure everyone who joins in the next few days gets at least 1 ASS 1 SAND and maybe some PSOp ANXp and if there is a enough people, maybe one dogecoin! And of course, we already airdropped thousands of Steemspeak tokens, and stay tuned for more news about that! You might get to win some steemspeak tokens from @ackza

f you have receivedd your Steem-Engie tokens, you need a steem account to withdraw them from the @banjo bot , for example if you had 1 dogep (the pegged Dogecoin asset we tip) you withdraw to your stem account with the command $withdraw 1 dogep aackza

Then whe it is in your steem account you go wthdraw to on dogecoin main net with a dogecoin address of your own. if you have a steem account that iis the sam as your discord, you can register with banjo and I can also withdraw tips right to your steem account, but everyone who wants to withdraw their tips to mainnets will need steem accounts signup free here and for a faster signup you can try

(Post written by @ackza )

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My most sincere congratulations for this type of projects that are a step in the evolution of this whole process in which some of us have been immersed for years. Thank you.

14.07.2019 15:34