Steemscape Update - New Features!

Greetings Steemians!

After taking a short break from Steemscape development, we are back with some new features. Today we are announcing a small batch of updates to the dashboard UI and a bug fix. As always, our mission is to provide you with information to help you get the most out of your Steemit account, and provide tools to help it grow in value.

New Dashboard Panels

Blacklist status

Shows your account status with the major Steem blacklist providers: @buildawhale, @minnowbooster, @redeemer, @steemcleaners and @utopian-io. A green tick indicates that your account is not on the blacklist, a red X indicates that it is.

Resource credits/mana

This panel was suggested by our users after the launch announcement. You asked, we answered! Your current resource credits regeneration percentage is shown. If your RC mana is less than 100%, the component will show the time remaining before your mana regenerates completely. If your RC mana is at 100%, the component will show how much time has passed since your mana regenerated completely.

Vote value

Shows how much your 100% upvote is currently worth in SBD. Based on @yabapmatt's calculation method. This value will change depending on your current voting power percentage. The value at the bottom of the panel shows how much your vote is worth when your VP is at 100%.

Authentication bug fix

Some users have reported difficulties with SteemConnect logins due to an update in the SteemConnect API. This has been fixed, so all users should be able to log in normally again. Please let us know if any issues come up.

How do I sign up/log in?

Signing up is easy! Just click on the "Log in to Steemscape" button on the front page at You will then be redirected to SteemConnect and asked if you would like to grant access to the Steemscape application. If you don't have a SteemConnect account, or you aren't logged in, then you will be asked to log in to SteemConnect using the same credentials you use for Steemit. Once you have logged in to SteemConnect then you will be redirected to the Steemscape dashboard. That's it! You will need to re-authenticate with SteemConnect occasionally - if so you will be redirected automatically to SteemConnect.

What's Next?

Most of our features provide stats and information about your Steem account is doing. We are hard at work on our first feature specifically designed to help you add value to your account. We hope to make this available early in the new year. Also, we have taken on board all of the suggestions that our users have sent us since the launch announcement. Some of these were really good ideas (like showing a graph of steem power over time), and we have included them in our roadmap for 2020. Please keep the suggestions coming, and stay tuned for new features!

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Hello steemscape!

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05.12.2019 23:40

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06.12.2019 00:01

Nice thought friend

06.12.2019 00:47

One suggestion friend add a new features that is create a block list there user can block other person or steem user.
think about it

06.12.2019 01:04

There is a mute option on steemit. You can mute any user.

06.12.2019 05:19

I said Block option like facebook. Friend

06.12.2019 20:17

@shaikmashud This isn't something that an external site can do - you would need to ask the devs

06.12.2019 21:51

@steemscape, Good wishes from my side towards your Development Process. Hope that in 2020 you will release some effective features. Stay blessed.

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06.12.2019 10:06

Nice site upgrades. Thanks again

06.12.2019 12:51

Nice upgrades,thanks @steemscape

06.12.2019 14:28


06.12.2019 15:43

@roleerob can you recommend an alternative method of promoting posts with quality content?

06.12.2019 17:07

Yes @steemscape, I can. If your intention is truly to promote your post via this method, then ensure the payout does not come back directly to you.

I couple of options (although some may suggest others):

  1. Direct payout to @steem.dao, i.e. the SPS fund.
  2. Direct payout to be burned, thereby reducing the inflation of STEEM.

In whatever manner you would chose to do this, you would want to clearly make that known in your post.

That said, I do not know of any "after the fact" remedy for how you have chosen to handle payout for this post. Therefore, you are likely to draw considerable unwelcome attention to it.


06.12.2019 17:21

@roleerob and who owns @steem.dao so they can profit from that? because someone owns that account

06.12.2019 18:26

My understanding is @steem.dao was set up under the EIP changes of HF 21 / 22 to fund SPS proposals.

From @steem.dao's wallet, a short time ago:


Do you have a different understanding @technicalside?


06.12.2019 19:09

I see.. No I have no idea about steem.dao

So steem.dao is run by a foundation? Or something similar?.. What I am asking is that it's not run by one individual? Because that would be risky

06.12.2019 19:19

Making no claim to being a subject matter expert on the SPS program launched after HF 21 / 22, I only know I have seen numerous references to this being the account set up for it @steemscape.

I’ve never had any reason to question that. If you are concerned about it, no problem with me. I’m sure there must be a way to have any concerns you may have about it addressed. I’m just not the best one to provide that info to you.


06.12.2019 19:49

hi there i somehow came across this and noticed you are struggling because of the downvoters

why dont you try

06.12.2019 18:22

06.12.2019 15:49

Good news. Thanks for getting back on the project.

06.12.2019 16:40

I absolutely adore this dApp / function. I’ve only just discovered it but I use it all the time now.

09.12.2019 23:31

Thanks for the post.

10.12.2019 05:22