Badges are a brand new feature for SteemPeak that are still in Beta with several more tools to come.
This post will give RULES / HOW TO / PROMOTION

There are already many badges already live in our list of badges

Some things still to come

  • Badge creator step by step UI
  • Ability to change the creator/recovery account
  • UI for user to proudly display or hide badges
  • Display a badge on a post
  • Easy badge URLs on example:




A nice step by step UI for badge creation hasn't been created yet. But making a public list manually and then having them white-listed is not very hard either.

At the end of the post we'll share how to manually make a public list.


  1. Create badge account
  2. Edit details of account
  3. Follow users on the account
  4. Commnet here to be one of the first 50 approved


We are also working on some UI to help those that are recipients of badges.

Users shoulds be able to quickly:

  • Choose which badges to prominently display (assuming they have a lot)
  • Choose which badges to mute (they don't really want the badge)
  • Maybe some they don't want to show prominently but they are fine with having.



Badges are freely displayed to the RECIPIENTS from SteemPeak.
Free badges for badge CREATORS is a promotion we are presently doing.

First 50 qualified badges will be free for at least 2 years


We will your badges if you do the following:

  1. Can follow our directions below on how to make a public badge.
    (until we finish the badge creator tools)
  2. Be one of the first 50 approved badges.
  3. Be a great example of a good use of badges ... specially creative use showing something new.
    (Our first badges are meant to be good examples of what is possible with badges)
  4. We will also only approve positive badges.

Those are the types of badges we are gonna whitelist for now and add to the system for free.

Remember the public list aspect of the badges are a totally decentralized system... all the functionality we give to those lists are unique to SteemPeak. So public lists are completely decentralized but the badges are whitelisted by SteemPeak team.


This is a new feature we are seeing all the ways badges can help our users so we reserve the right to change our policies on this.

  1. Must provide utility to users
  2. A high rate of muting the badge will result in removal of the badge.
    (In particular mutes by users who have been given the badge)
  3. Switching the description or name of the badge deceptively to something not in line with the original idea of the badge will result in removal of badge.
  4. You can change qualifications of the badge as long as you go through and completely update the list of users to comply with the badge.
  5. No opinion based negative badges.
  6. Must describe what the badge is about and why someone got the badge (qualifications)
  7. Creator account must be accurate ... meaning you may have to change it from the name of account creation services like blocktrades or oracle-d.
    (Ability to change this is a feature we can help with soon)


Creating a badge is about creating an account that act as a public list for the badge to use.

STEP 1. Create an account name it "badge-" + (six digits)

EXAMPLES: @badge-777777 , @badge-874543

  • Choose any 6 digits available
  • You may use any system to create an account but we recommend direct creation because we will display the recovery account as the CREATOR... otherwise you'll need to do an action to change the recovery account anyway.
  • does have the ability to use an account creation token


This is how you get to PROFILE SETTINGS

  • A: NAME OF BADGE... please make it describe the Recipients.
    See all the badges presently approved for examples.
  • B: ABOUT ... This one is more demanding because we want you to describe what the badge is about AND the why a recipient qualified to get the badge.
  • C: GRAPHICS ... Upload a SQUARE image that is at least 600x600. Or put a URL there.


You now have an account where you can FOLLOW USERS.

  • We require you follow a good chunk of who you will eventually follow.
    Let's say about 50% in order to get approved.
  • Use the normal follow tools while logged in as your badge.

NOTE: You'll need SP to add users to an account. The resources credits needed to add people to accounts by default is limited. But you can add resource credits needed to add more users by delegating SP.
Go directly to profile -

You can delegate to the account and then when you're done you can un-delegate by changing delegation to 0 or some smaller number.


  • Put your badge name in the comments below.
  • Say why you think the badge will be useful
  • I'll review submissions chronologically from this post and approve.
  • If something is not listed correctly i'll say what needs to be reviewed.


Our goal is to populate the badge list
So that's why we're giving away so many of them while developing new tools for badges.

  • We will still run promotions from time to time until the rest of our tools are completed.
  • They will likely be to get certain types of badges or challenges to find the most unique or useful badges.

Special promotions may be something like:

    • First to do 10 Location based badges
    • First to do 10 automated badges (coded to curate automated follow/unfollow)
    • Best 3 new badge ideas win

... Stuff like that.


Give us a vote as a block producing witness.

@SteemPeak ->
This works for all witnesses btw


Comments 119

Hello steempeak!

Congratulations! This post has been randomly Resteemed! For a chance to get more of your content resteemed join the Steem Engine Team

25.02.2020 16:00

Hi Steempeak team, Would you approve these badges?

Thanks :)

25.02.2020 16:06

SCT badge - Please add qualifications for badge + add more followers. We will approve it just need those things done

TEAM KR - Approved

KR badge - approved but wouldn't it be "Korean Members" instead of Korea Members?

25.02.2020 16:13

Thank you for approval! :)

  • KR badge : I have changed a name of KR badge to "Korean Community Member" as you said.
  • SCT badge : I will let them(SCT operation group) know to add more followers.
25.02.2020 16:24

Remind me when they add a few more followers then we'll add it ... but at least you know it's pre-approved

25.02.2020 16:29

Got it, thanks! And I have 1 more question. What is difference between pre-approval and approval? Is there any important things to keep or remember as a operator of badges?

25.02.2020 16:45

Hi again @jarvie, Can SCT badge get approval for whitelist? It has added more followers now :)

05.03.2020 17:51

Hi again Awesome Steempeak! Can SCT badge get approval for whitelist? It has added more followers now :)

27.02.2020 07:00

the account name doesn't need to say "badge" it is a badge


So what do you want the badge to be called?
Who gets the badge?


Corresponding korean word?
It could be all in korean or korean / english.

But the name should reference who this group is. It's not SCT itself. It's likely SCT USERS?

And the definition should state who and how someone got the badge.

05.03.2020 22:22

got it. sorry for inconvenience.

06.03.2020 06:01

We have changed the profile of badge. Would you check it out once more? :) Thanks for you help @jarvie!

06.03.2020 14:24

I have now added it... it's good.

However i find it hard to believe you only have 20ish SCT members. Let them know they can add more any time.

06.03.2020 14:47

Thanks a lot jarvie. We goona make 200 followers ASAP with a notice post. :)

06.03.2020 14:49

Check my last post 💪

25.02.2020 16:07

Here's a badge that might come in handy ...

@badge-778899: Dramatic Badge for People who are (overly) dramatic.

25.02.2020 16:47

Great badge!

25.02.2020 23:06

I'm not sure i understand this one... Will people mute the badge anyway or is it something they want? We will later consider badges that may be a bit more negative but under different circumstances like perhaps totally automated and not given subjectively. Or maybe it's a badge that people request want if so let me know.

27.02.2020 15:55

I do not foresee this badge having any kind of automation behind it. I already operate the bot that gives out DRAMA tokens (@dramatoken), and I don't think the two should be connected by code.

Instead, I would desire for this badge to be given when an author/account is the focus of extreme controversy.

But I fully expect that a non-zero amount of people would see the issue of this badge as disingenuous. So if it doesn't fit into this phase of badge design, I'd understand.

27.02.2020 16:08

@badge-127911 - Needleworkmonday

The #needleworkmonday is an established tag for weekly posts of needlework, from knitting to weaving, from embroidery to crochet. There is a community account and weekly showcases of the most interesting posts.

The badge is meant for all steemians participating in the Needleworkmonday and for everyone else posting about needlework to make it easier finding people that share this hobby.

25.02.2020 17:01

Request for approval!

GEEKZ community badge

For members of the GEEKZ community.


25.02.2020 17:22

So is this a feature that can be used for a community kind of thing ?

25.02.2020 18:06

It looks like some people are using it in conjunction with their community. But it's also an independent feature. It's pretty close to being described as "Achievements."

25.02.2020 18:17

We just created @badge-184437 for all travel bloggers who have ever posted a blog through The accounts to follow were pulled fresh from our database & following will be automated in the future. The badge might be restricted to authors who have posted within the last 6 months in the future.

25.02.2020 18:54

Hi there! This badge - @badge-202020 - is dedicated to the Czech Steemians. I believe that the Czech community should have its own badge as the content we usually create in our language is most definitely worth reading.

25.02.2020 19:19

This is a really neat thing! I've just created one:

FullForce Radio Fan

I've been doing my steem powered metal/talk show for three years now, and there are some amazing dedicated listeners who are as much a part of the show as I am. I would love to have this become something I can give out while on air to the people who help contribute to how fun these shows are and to spread the word! 🖤💀🤘

25.02.2020 19:53

Really 666? Really? Hahahaha
You crack me up

25.02.2020 21:23

we should all be delighted one of the numbers of the beast has gone to such a completely harmless cult radio show!

25.02.2020 21:30

love this one and tried it as well - but it was gone...


26.02.2020 16:00

Hi would you please approve this badge?

  • @badge-420420: The Canna-Curate badge. This badge shows people that you are a supporter of cannabis on the block chain, and proud member of the Canna-Curate family.

Thank you!!

25.02.2020 20:26

This is such a cool idea!!

25.02.2020 20:59

Added... i'd suggest removing the word badge from the account. We call it a badge ourselves

27.02.2020 15:43

Cannabis is legal is so many countries now, it's so nice to have easy access to the topics I love to blog about.

29.02.2020 19:03

Hey there @steempeak! I like the idea of badges and created one too.

Put your badge name in the comments below.

Say why you think the badge will be useful

The badge follows users that have used at least one time the STEEM.CRAFT Minecraft dApp which involves a broadcast of specific operations to Steem. Users on Steempeak are able to identify a user that holds this badge and contact them to play STEEM.CRAFT together. Without a badge, it is not really that easy to know if a player uses STEEM.CRAFT or not from Steempeak itself. =)

25.02.2020 21:27

Hi chaps - not sure I have to switch recovery account for the badge. I would like to get approval for @badge-776905 the Music Community on Steem - waiting for these communities since 2016, content shall build bridges between music genres.

25.02.2020 22:00

Hello @steempeak. We, @steemillu are looking forward to get our badge approved.

Our badge is only for steemians who subscribed to our steem news"paper" it's mainly to show who is a subscriber and to give our subscribers something to show of. STEEMillu is a serious project and forms a great part of the german community. So everyone who has the "STEEMillu Abonnent" Badge is also a part of us. We want to show that of.

25.02.2020 22:44

Please edit the account about section to write about the badge

Our badge is only for steemians who subscribed to our steem news"paper"

That should work well. Let me know when you've edited that description area.

26.02.2020 01:41


Thank you for your quick reply.

And STEEM on.

26.02.2020 10:42

Heyho. We are a yet rather small shop based on a steem-engine-token called STICK.

We offer a handful of items based on all of the projects regarding STEEM. We also have something called STICKStore prima (Something like a subscription, similar to Amazon Prime. But better. ;) ) We wanted to give our prima Members the prima Badge to have a visual representation that this steemian is indeed "prima" (prima means "great" in English by the way) So it would be wonderful to get approved.

  • badge-142897
25.02.2020 22:54

I don't speak german can you tell me rough translation so i know if your description tells users how to obtain a badge

27.02.2020 15:53

It basically states the prices of STICKStore prima - 7 STICK for 3 months and 22 STICK for 12 months. And that they get better prices when they have a STICKStore prima membership.

27.02.2020 17:30

We just created the @SteemFlagRewards Community Moderator badge account (May go with SFR Flagger depending on the sentiment expressed by our community)

I was surprised to find that I was the first to claim the numbers associated with the loopback IP. = 127001



One of our community members, @saboin, made what I thought was a keen observation.


As for the automation aspect, I would like to automate the account to auto-follow once one of our moderators review and approve a flag reported in by our users..
I could also autofollow all users that have submitted fflags in the past in ur database for they aree MANY! (Manually would take a LONG time)

Hope youlike the idea. Let me know if there are any questions or issues.

26.02.2020 00:32

Hello I would like to reserve badge for PHC community Powerhousecreatives

Will contact with relevant details such as badge account soon.

26.02.2020 00:58

Whenever you are ready just add a link to the account you have created. We will check new badges in this post

27.02.2020 15:41

Thank you...


Same as phc hive, @jaynie (admin) is
adding our members now.

28.02.2020 09:06

You guys do great things for STEEM


26.02.2020 03:17

This is the Official Splinterlands Team Member badge! I've added most of the team, just confirming Steemit usernames in the discord for the rest. I did upload a photo, isn't showing on my end... can you view it? Thanks!

26.02.2020 06:15

btw, this is Grapthar who made it.

27.02.2020 04:36

Added... i would suggest removing BADGE from the name of the account because we call it a badge as well.

27.02.2020 15:42

awesome, will do! thanks for setting it up!

28.02.2020 00:08

Many thanks for the possibility of the free badge. We members of the guild "Legendary Dragons" from the game Splinterlands would love to have our badge activated. So far I have added all our members of the Main Guild and the members from our Wing will be added.


26.02.2020 10:50


27.02.2020 15:46

here is a request for approval


A badge for the members of the BEER community on Steem.

Later on we might add some more for the amount of BEER people can handle ;-)

26.02.2020 16:04

I'm not sure why yours is not showing up correctly. Can you check the account name and description again.
Also description could say a bit more what qualifies someone for getting it.

27.02.2020 15:39

Please resubmit in a new comment when you get the badge to say the badge name. We added it but it didn't have the name... so i'm not sure what's working so i removed it. Let me know when it's ready in a new comment and i'll check back in tonight or tomorrow.

27.02.2020 15:48

will do so

27.02.2020 21:38

changed and extended the description.

I build the account "as beeing a bad boy" not by editing it with SteemPeak but with Steemit - this might be a general error...

27.02.2020 21:38

The badge will be rewarded to authors featured in the Daily #Traveldigest from Steemitworldmap! This way the badge will instantly show authors that provide HIGH QUALITY TRAVEL CONTENT. 😄


Awesome idea by the way! 👏

26.02.2020 17:09

It has been added.

27.02.2020 15:45

Awesome! Thanks!

27.02.2020 20:23

Hello. 25.2. created a @godfish badge for the Czech community. We are a small community, but we support each other. Here's a comment about creating a badge

badge-202020 36 a day ago
Hi there! This badge - @badge-202020 - is dedicated to the Czech Steemians. I believe that the Czech community should have its own badge as the content we usually create in our language is most definitely worth reading.

26.02.2020 19:02

@SteemPeak & @jarvie Here is my badge submission for your review.

New Gamers Badge & Qualification Rules.

A New Gamers Badge For All Video Gaming Content Creators!

If you would like to be added to the list of those given a Gamers Badge please Subscribe via the Badge's page so that you can be manually reviewed.

To qualify for a Gamers Badge at least 99% of what you post must be gaming content. In other words if you post on a variety of topics other than gaming related content you will not qualify for a Badge.

If your account does not qualify I suggest that you consider making an account exclusively devoted to gaming and request a Badge with that account.

Subscribe to a feed of all Gamers Badge recipient's posts with the Subscribe button on the Badge page found here:

The New Gamers Badge!
Cheers! & Happy Steeming!
26.02.2020 19:25

Thanks @Jarvie!

27.02.2020 17:07

I tried to search for it, but came up empty: Can I create my own community on steempeak yet? Or is this a feature still to come? Sorry if this was answered before, but I was looking for a button on my community page saying something like "create your community" ;)

26.02.2020 20:10


If you need to make a Community.

Go here:

Click the blue button to create a community.


26.02.2020 22:58

thanks! but for some reason that button is not available for me :( (I don't see it). Is there another way? Or perhaps it's because of my firefox browser?

27.02.2020 08:56

@tobetada I am unsure if there is another way. Perhaps @jarvie or one of the @SteemPeak team members can help you find a solution.

27.02.2020 11:27

Okay thanks!

27.02.2020 12:18

You are welcome @tobetada.

It might be worth looking on the SteemPeak beta site and seeing if the button appears on it.
Here is a link to the Beta site:

27.02.2020 12:35

I already tried it, no luck :/ it also doesn't seem to be my browser. But I'll contact some of the Steempeak devs, maybe they know. Thanks for your help!

27.02.2020 17:12

Good luck and you are welcome!

27.02.2020 17:53

solved it! It's only possible with keychain logged in. Can you confirm? That should be reported to @Steempeak

27.02.2020 18:39

I cannot confirm but you should let them know for sure!

27.02.2020 18:46

That is great idea! For community members that is very necessary! :)

27.02.2020 00:58

Russian-speaking participants of STEEM - for the geographic community of the former USSR and people publishing also in Russian.

27.02.2020 08:05

Added... i'd suggest removing the word badge from your account because we call it a badge wherever it's used so you don't need to call it a badge as well

27.02.2020 15:45

Thank you - I do not quite understand you - should I change my account? After all, you yourself wrote in the instructions that you need to create an account "badge and plus 6 digits"

27.02.2020 18:13

Hello @steempeak. Our badge is dedicated to all those who supported our skate community over this past 2 years and here is the link :

As more skaters are joining the blockchain, this badge will help our community and all skaters to monetize their steemskate posts cause most of the posts are Dtube/3speak videos who can not directly be posted in our hive. It will also bring a huge smile to all those who skate for @steemskate!

Thanks for this awesome initiative. I hope I did everything correct!

27.02.2020 08:44

Added... i'd suggest removing the word badge from your account because we call it a badge wherever it's used so you don't need to call it a badge as well

27.02.2020 15:44

Thank you @jarvie! Steempeak rules

27.02.2020 22:28

Hello! You doing nice work!!
recently made a badge for Ukrainian Steem Community
@badge-101121 we support all the Russian speaking and Ukrainian speaking Steemians

27.02.2020 10:28

giving you guys a head up that creating communities can currently only happen when logged in with keychain. Can someone confirm this? @steempeak @jarvie

27.02.2020 18:40

Correct. I really tried to make it work with steemconnect, but the creation of a community involve multiple steps and some transaction must be signed with the active key, so currently it's supported only with Keychain.

27.02.2020 20:19

@steempeak sorry for commenting a comment not related to the topic. But, I'm very active promoting steem in twitter and I always share steempeak links there and promote your account in twitter. Can you share the updates from your twitter account as well ? There are a lot of active steemians there and most of them are sharing steemit links. It will be good if they will all learn about steempeak and share only your links. I hope to see you active there, at least share such posts. We have a big steem community active there.

27.02.2020 19:34

Yes, I totally agree. I'll talk about this with @jarvie and we'll try to be more active on other socials as well :)

27.02.2020 20:20

Greetings Lords and Ladies,

we created @badge-421337 to unite all active SteemKnights players under a shared banner.

For Steem we fight!

Yours truly,

27.02.2020 20:19

2nd try and now I add a !BEER to it....

here is a request for approval


A badge for the active members of the BEER community on Steem.

27.02.2020 21:40


28.02.2020 12:25


28.02.2020 19:19

Hi there,

Applying for badge approval -


This badge would be exceptionally useful to identify those individuals that are official members of the Power House Creatives community server on discord.

28.02.2020 08:19

Hi there,

Applying for badge approval -


This badge would be exceptionally useful to identify those individuals that are official members of the Power House Creatives community server on discord.

28.02.2020 08:21


28.02.2020 12:26

I have fully supported the idea of badges, and was glad when you announced their implementations. I am also glad for explaining all the process through this post. Looks great 😉

28.02.2020 18:57

Hello Steempeak
I'm applying for a badge approval:

BADGE NAME: CO2 Compensator

This badge is useful to incentive and identify steemians that act ecologically and are reducing their CO2 footprint by using the CO2Fund on Steem.

By the way, the badge number is the CAS Registry Number of CO2 :)

Thank you. @retinox

28.02.2020 20:06


29.02.2020 18:24

Thank you! @retinox

01.03.2020 00:49

Hi @steempeak people :)

I would like to submit my community badge for consideration.

Badge account name: @badge-825615

This badge will be used to reward the best and most active poets and story writers at The Ink Well creative writing community. We are a friendly writing community focusing exclusively on fiction, poetry and dramatic writing of all types. The Ink Well aims to inspire creativity on the steem blockchain by providing a place to share ideas, as well as helping people who want to take their writing to the next level through community educational resources. We also provide writing prompts and competitions to help motivate people to unlock the floodgates of their inner world, allowing the waters of inspiration to flow freely.

This badge will be useful as a reward for those who are already proving to be very active at the ink well community, and act as a motivator to get more people involved. I plan running either a competition, or writing exercise next week, where part of the reward for participating will be a badge on their steempeak profile.

will also promote steempeak as platform of choice during this writers challenge.

The badge account is currently following everyoe who has posted great writing on our community page, which comes to just over half of our current subscribed members.

Thanks for considering us at The Ink Well for a community badge.

28.02.2020 23:31


29.02.2020 18:24

Thanks @steempeak peeps.

I just noticed a badge pop up on my page as I use steempeak exclusively now, and then I checked some of the regular contributors to The Ink well and I can see they also have shiny new badges.

Thanks, I shall make a fun Sunday post tomorrow letting people in our community know that if they use steempeak, they will see their badges of merit :)

29.02.2020 18:31

If there are any still available, I'd like to have badge-522020. Thanks!

29.02.2020 03:25


29.02.2020 18:24

I would like to add @badge-123090 for the Helpie-caster Community . A Community for Streamer aka Caster. Supported by @helpie Thanks alot

29.02.2020 18:33

Presently there is no one added on the list of recipients... meaning the badge is not following anyone at the moment

05.03.2020 22:10

Yeah you right we overread this rule.We will change this

06.03.2020 04:38

Hello @steempeak. My name is @derekrichardson (derekrichardson#5459 on discord). I'm really loving all the new updates you guys have made!! I'd really like to get a badge for my Southern California Steem community members in @socalsteemit. If I am to late to be in the first 50 I will gladly pay for it. @badge-179815 is the one I created. The badge # matches our community # @hive-179815 I do believe I followed the directions correctly if not I do apologize and will gladly correct any errors. Thank you so much for all you do for everyone here on Steem. Keep up the great work!

01.03.2020 01:52

We are discussing what we will do next. Stay tuned for updates

01.03.2020 12:42

Hi, I want to congratulate you for the constant update and innovation of the @Steampeak interface, which is really my favorite fronted.

It is a shame for me that the promosion of creation of 50 badges is over, but I guess I'll wait for a next opportunity.

By the way, I was recently reviewing an update from another site that I visit a lot and I noticed something interesting, I decided to write a post about it, but in the course of writing I noticed that it was something that could also be useful for Steampeak and I included them in what I was proposing.

I would be very grateful if you could pay attention to the idea I propose at

Notice in advance that has to do specifically with the part in which I put this image:

ScreenShot of - Audience Geography
ScreenShot of - Audience Geography
01.03.2020 09:07

Hi @asgahrt & @javie

I've just created an honor badge for long time Photofeed members (already followed 50 people - more will follow).

Name: Photofeed Hall of Fame

Cheers guys! :))

05.03.2020 12:18

We are adding it

05.03.2020 22:01

Will we ever have the ability to create decentralised badges without Steempeak's direct control?

06.03.2020 22:49

The public lists of users are completely decentralized already. In fact other interfaces could impliment them.

Besides being a future paid feature of steempeak presently we believe it's important to make sure there are some rules for the badges you're able to give others.

What aspect of decentralization are you most interested in?

07.03.2020 19:25
  1. Where's this public list feature you say? I've created a list but it's private.
  2. How much do you estimate it will cost to make badges?
  3. Will they always depend on Steempeak approving them?

What aspect of decentralization are you most interested in?

Untying resources from the opinions of centralised corporations. It's your right to make Steempeak badges dependent on paid centralised approval, of course. I just thought you were pushing this beyond Steempeak to the whole decentralised community.

If there are some public lists, then that could be a replacement somehow. My worry is that someday you will simply disagree with a badge and a community will be left out of this feature.

I want to make some apps dependent on many of the features you've released but your code being closed source, I just have no idea how to implement most features myself. It feels like being so close yet so far away.

Bugs and suggestions

Comment expansion

I just noticed that sometimes, my text gets trapped below or above the automatic expansion of comments and there is no scrolling implemented if it's shorter than certain length. This means that I have to move the writing cursor up and down. I also can't manually expand it to see my whole comment (this would be ideal since I often post reeeeally long comments).

Scheduled post timers

When you're scheduling a post, there is an estimated time when the post will be made. It lacks a lot of information and functionality, but the main thing that bothers me is that it only says things like "in 3 days", and it rounds up! So it's really hard to know when exactly something will be posted. If you're scheduling, say, 30 posts, once for each day of the month, it's practically impossible to know unless you write down the specific date and time, and having a scheduled-posts list, writing down the details seems to defeat the purpose when it could simply be displayed there.

Suggestion: When you hover the "in X days/hours", have it say the exact date and time.

Video/gif embedding

.gif files are often too heavy and bad quality. That's why Imgur implemented the .gifv protocol which was basically a muted .mp4. Then, it allowed for them to have sound, I believe.

HTML5 allows for a <video> tag (documentation) which can be customised to show controls by default, among other things, and autoloop.

For optimal gif and video sharing, I would propose to allow the embedding of video and gifv links in the same way as images are embedded.

As an avid 4chan user, I'd propose for at least some basic formats to be supported, such as .webm, .mp4 and .gifv.

Examples of current behaviour (screenshot):

Minimum proposed behavior:
  • Relatively short videos without sound should autplay and loop (traditional gif behaviour)
  • Longer videos or videos with sound should have some controls on them (HTML5 defaults) to play, mute, pause and move across timeframes.
08.03.2020 08:47

Yes you'll always we able to take your public list anywhere you want we have no control or say over it, you fully own thrm... your keys your account. A public list in this case is the badge-000000 account and those you follow which is for a specific reason in most of these cases.

Other interfaces are free to impliment a system for display of those lists like we do with steempeak badges. We cant force them to impliment but fine if they join... we will just try to always have the very best implimentation of it.

As for the bugs and suggestions I'll tag @asgarth so he can take note of them.

08.03.2020 18:03

Is there any way to make public lists without badge accounts? I want to make like 15 lists but I can't claim accounts for free.

08.03.2020 23:37

I'd love to see if you could add code highlighting for triple backticks code :)


09.03.2020 03:30

Bug report: I am missing the "Comments" link on my profile page or drop-down menu on the desktop version of Steempeak.

09.03.2020 09:55

Hi @steempeak team!
I would like to apply for a badge for the Vienna Community ("Wien" in German):
It is to connect Viennese Steemians (spread over the world) better with the Steem Universe, proudly tag all Vienna lovers & contributors to the Vienna Community and people who are interested in this city, and to stir interest & interactivity!

14.03.2020 18:35

Hey @steempeak, a little late to the party here so understand if we've missed the boat here!

We'd love to create a few badges with our @yourtop3 contest and I've created @badge-123123 for now which is following the 35+ folks who've entered the contest and engaged so far since last year to get a badge - we'll add to that following list the more new entries we get 😃

Hopefully it's all done correctly but if not, let me know and will look in to it.

16.03.2020 17:05