Winner Of Doodletrends Drawing Contest 62: Fierce Succulent Character

Hello Steemians and Doodletrendistas,

Good day to you all. It is now time to announce the winner for this round of the Doodletrends Drawing Contest. Thank you very much for supporting and participating in this initiative. Before we do the announcement, kindly take a look at the qualified entries below and enjoy:
doodletrends winner fierce succulent.jpg

You guys did an amazing job creating your own doodles and showing your creativity and imagination. I love looking at each submission as I appreciate the talent and the artist behind every creation. For this round I chose the entry that looks the fiercest of the bunch, and the winner is:


proto26 doodletrends.jpeg
Your prize will be sent shortly. Have a great day to all thank you for participating. See you in the next round.

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Superb work there so nice one

29.07.2019 16:50


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