Kickstarter Just Went Live!

The team behind Splinterlands is proud to announce that the UNTAMED and Physical Swag Kickstarter campaign is now live!!!

You can see on the site we have stickers, tee-shirts, a book, physically printed cards, and your chance at the first UNTAMED booster packs. The UNTAMED packs are different as they feature 14 airdrops along the way, but only the early adopters will be involved in all of the drops!!!

You can find the kickstarter here:

We plan to launch a companion Fundition round as well.


In case you missed it the existing cards have breached $4M in marketcap since the beta edition sold out a few short days ago. We hope you come join this campaign and get involved. We don't want you to miss out on UNTAMED!

First Quest

Quest 1: Reach $10000 and 100 backers in the first 24 hours of the campaign

Quest 1 Reward: $100/week added to the tournament prize pool!

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10.10.2019 23:21

Those more expensive deals are a great deal.

I see the $10K sold in a hurry and with $12K worth of boosters in it + all the other awesome stuff I'm not surprised in the least.

10.10.2019 23:34

¡El equipo detrás de Splinterlands se enorgullece en anunciar que la campaña UNTAMED y Physical Swag Kickstarter ya está en vivo!

Puede ver en el sitio que tenemos calcomanías, camisetas, un libro, tarjetas impresas físicamente y su oportunidad de obtener los primeros paquetes de refuerzo UNTAMED. ¡Los paquetes UNTAMED son diferentes ya que cuentan con 14 lanzamientos aéreos en el camino, pero solo los primeros usuarios estarán involucrados en todas las gotas!

Puede encontrar el kickstarter aquí:

Planeamos lanzar una ronda complementaria de Fundition también.

$ 4,000,000.00
En caso de que te lo hayas perdido, las tarjetas existentes han infringido $ 4M en marketcap desde que la edición beta se agotó hace unos días. Esperamos que te unas a esta campaña y te involucres. ¡No queremos que te pierdas UNTAMED!

Primera misión
Misión 1: Alcanza $ 10,000 y 100 patrocinadores en las primeras 24 horas de la campaña.

Recompensa de la misión 1: ¡$ 100 / semana añadidos al pozo de premios del torneo!

10.10.2019 23:34


10.10.2019 23:34

LOL .....

10.10.2019 23:44

Awesome!! I snagged up the $200 package! Can't wait!!
aasplinterlands (640px, 15fps).gif

10.10.2019 23:51

Can imagine! Congrats with that beautiful package 😎

11.10.2019 17:12

Wow. that sounds like a really good campaign. Good Luck! I think i will invest 10+ $

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10.10.2019 23:54

Backer number 5! Already telling my daughter to help me design the Legendary Summoner!

11.10.2019 00:02

I got in on the $200 one!

11.10.2019 00:15

BACKED!!!! Only for $50 so I cant quite get in on the super reduced booster bundles but hey! Maybe the Gods of airdrop will smile on me for my humble sacrifice ;p Cant wait to get my t-shirt!!!!

11.10.2019 00:34

Very nice though the pledge tiers seem a little physical item heavy - would of liked to see a few tiers for us poor people to get a few more packs instead of a tshirt or book.

11.10.2019 02:03

They will let you buy packs straight up for $2 shot. Just pledge the smallest one and then add $1000 (or whatever) and they will just send you $1000 (or whatever) worth of booster packs... you are then in on ALL of the airdrops. If not for you... for the guild!

11.10.2019 04:34

did that thing really go live 3 hours ago (at my time of writing here as this post says "3 hours ago") ?
i thought its said 41pointx Euros but is 41thousand ? in 3 hours ... hmm, is this like where mtv rapstars buy a million copies as per pump & dump lol ? you people are totally krank but doesn't matter how you do it cos you do it, so fucking impressive

11.10.2019 02:26

I'm In - "Your $215.00 pledge brings this project one step closer to becoming a reality. If the project reaches its funding goal, your card will be charged on November 7, 2019. Check your email for more details."

11.10.2019 02:28

greetings, @steemmonsters

excelent notice, thank you for share with us!!!!

11.10.2019 02:55

I go with 20$! :D

11.10.2019 03:11

Woah, way to go @steemmonsters :D

11.10.2019 03:28

Whoa, awesome! The campaign already surpassed the goal. Happy to be a backer.

11.10.2019 03:51

Will the starter pack be available to non-kickstarters later? And what are the stickers? Are they like skins?

11.10.2019 06:04

G.o.o.d !!!

11.10.2019 06:14

The 10$ tier seems decent. Shame Steem is so low otherwise im sure there would be more people spending Steem on the game.

Are packs dropping in January? Hmm. That would be 2-3 months without purchasable packs.

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11.10.2019 10:37

Don't forget the shipping costs... for a few stickers 10$!?😅

11.10.2019 17:07

In general I am always a very slow person, but finally managed to get the last available "TALIA'S CHALLENGER" for 1000 USD in the kickstarter.

By the way, I wonder why it is called "FRIENDLY GIANT - TEE SHIRT" instead of PEACEFUL GIANT ...? :-)

11.10.2019 15:49

The 10$ seems nice at first sight but then I was surprised by the shipping costs... @steemmonsters, is it an option to forget sending the stickers to me and use the shipping costs for some extra booster packs? 🙃

11.10.2019 17:11

@steemmonsters, Congratulations towards what you've achieved in this Kickstarter. Stay blessed team.

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11.10.2019 22:49