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Dear friends of Steem Men's Club and respected Steemians!

We are in our early phases and we are working behind for growing our community. We made more plans and we have objectives that we will share with you. Since things are going slowly in their shape, we will start with the promotion and hard work. We started with creation of the Social Media where we will be closer to community members and we will be promoting what will be done in the community.

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Members to be engaged with each other and to be closer to us whenever they have a question they can join in our Discord Server, there are different channels with different purposes. So they can use the channels for communication and for further questions. At the moment @okanbey and @shadervan will be closer to users whenever it is necessary.

Join our Discord Server here

Ask your questions here whenever you want, also you will find the Frequently Asked Questions. Those are the ones that we have taken up to now, FAQ will be constantly updated.



We will use Twitter actively because of the hashtags, Twitter is good with hashtags, so it is good for visibility and attracting new comers. New people will be interested in our community through Twitter. News will be shared in Twitter, only English will be used. Our main hashtags will be the ones that will give visibility to Steemit Platform and Steem Blockchain in general.

Follow us in the Twitter through this link

We will create Minds profile too. Minds is good platform to inform about blockchain, so people with interest in cryptocurrencies will be following our latest news and be engaged. We plan to use paid advertisements and create different campaigns to attract new members into our community and be part of it.


Follow our official profile where we will share the news with on Steemit

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Follow us through this [link](![Steemit">">Steemit</a> icon.png![Discord Icon.png](![Twitter Icon.png](
@steemmensclub- Admin of Steem Men's Club

Comments 5

I wish you continued success :)

15.04.2021 10:34

the more interaction increases, the more fun it will be :) I hope you reach more people in a short time :)

15.04.2021 10:36

Social networks are absolutely important and I believe this community is a good way ^^

15.04.2021 11:09

May i post in my languange ,indonesia ?
I am not good in grammar

01.05.2021 06:21

Hey I wanted to follow you on discord but it seems that link expired. Can you publish the new one? Thanks!

01.05.2021 21:59