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Hello @everybody, Assalam-O-Alaikum!
Hopefully, all of you will be good and enjoying your health with the grace of Allah Almighty.
I pray for Allah to keep all of you healthy and safe and protect you from every kind of difficulty and stress.
Tody, In this post I want to share some pictures of the green plants and colorful flowers of my lawn.
As all of us know that the nature is the true art of Allah Almighty. There is nothing more interesting to see than the green and glamorous trees and tiny plants. So, let's have a look on some amzing photographs.

Grapes Plant


Wow, this picture is really looking so great. In the above picture you can see the grapes that are just growing and in the developing stages. The grapes are just looking like the tiny balls or the growing buds that will surely develope into the sweet and rippen grapes.

The grapes are of unique significance in the fruits world. They are the rich source of calcium, pottasium, minerals and other necessary and essential componenets of the body. They also provide immunity againt a number of diseases. Some of the grapes are also of sour taste and they are also used for the ripping of the wine. So, this is a brief importance of the grapes.

Black Currant (Falsa Plant)


This is the picture of the Falsa plant. This is also a young branch of the falsa tree and it is also in a developing stage. The falsa is also known as Black Currant in some countries including America and UK. Falsa fruit is the cultivation of the Asia. Falsa plant was first time observed in a village of India and also in some places of Bangladesh.

Falsa fruit is also very useful and benefital for the healthy life. It provide many useful and essential nutrients to the body of the organism. This is the picture of a young branch of Falsa plant and hopefully it will groen into a rippen fruit and become edible soon.

Lawn's Wall


Here is the beautiful and charming picture of the side wall of my lawn. As you can see in the above picture that my lawn is decorated well. The side wall of the lawn is also decorated with the growing stems of the Fig and other plants. You can see in the above picture that the wall is covered with the pinkis and radish flower along with the green and lashy leaves that increases the beauty of the wall.

The branches of the falsa and grapes are also hanging over the wall to increase the overall beauty of the lawn.

Overall picture of the Lawn



These are the overall pictures of my lawn. My lawn is full of green leaves and the colorful flowers that are growing after some intervals are also increasing the beauty of the great and green lawn. Overall view of the lawn looks majestric. There are different kind of flowers and fruits are growing in it inclusing Roses, Sunflowers and many more. I water all the plants of the lawn daily and it is one of my hobby. Plants and the natural sceneries are the great beauty blessings of Allah Almighty. As water is the basic and essential need of all kind of plants so I provide fresh water and other basic nutrients to all the plants and flowers when needed. Hopefully all of you will like my lawn and also like the picture which I have captured. I also want to provide some details of the device which I have used to capture these pictures.

Device Name iPhone X Max
Camera Setting Potrait
Location Pakistan

Thanks all of you to stop by. Hopefully, all of you will like this post.

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