SteemKnights - The gates will be open!


A big thank you from the developers

First of all we @steemknights (@fivefingergames) wanted to thank all of you who has joined us already and supported us the last week. We appreciate your interest and motivation playing our game! We hope you all have a great experience!

To ensure this we have to keep in mind some things.

1. This is a beta release

Though we release almost the whole game all at once this is still not the end result. There will be bugs. There will be glitches. And the only way to locate and eliminiate all of them is with your much appreciated feedback. There will be an official way of reporting bugs additionally to our discord channel and you are free to use it.

2. Logging in with Steemconnect

Yes we know that logging in with Steemconnect is inconvenient however there is now Steem-Keychain on mobile. And we don't want to save your keys in an insecure fashion. We take security pretty serious. Therefore the only way for now is Steemconnect.

How does this look like?

To login with Steemconnect we need to open a browser window outside the game where you will login like you are used to. After this you will need to switch back to the app and you will be logged in. We know this might be kinda annoying but as we mentioned there is no alternative right now.

How do we plan to solve this in the future?

Long story short: we will build our own mobile wallet app. The idea is that it will work exactly like Keychain but with some more additional features on top. Of course this app will be open source so you can check it's security yourself. We don't need to hide something from you. For further informations in the future follow @fivefingergames.

But besides that:

There are only a few hours left

The clock is ticking so be sure you are with us right at the beginning. Earn as much Knight Emblems as possible to get rewarded accordingly. Again we hope you have a great time playing SteemKnights!

Pre-Release Informations

Until the launch you can get every information you need from this links:

Have fun and Steem on!

For Steem we fight!

🚀 Who is fivefingergames GmbH?[🏰🏰 Wh is SteemKnights?
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My stream will start 5 minutes before the launch, feel free to join at the chat in twitch:

28.09.2019 10:45

lets go

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28.09.2019 10:49

Looking forward to play!
Did you know about roelandp's mobile wallet app which supports keychain? Just to make sure you're not putting effort into something that already exists.

28.09.2019 11:36


I was going to say the same thing 😆 It would be nice for the game section on the browser to be more fleshed out, and for anyone wondering, the app is called "SteemWallet".

29.09.2019 05:50

I have a 4 swords and one shield on the loading screen when searching for an opponent :p
I use the windows version.

28.09.2019 12:28

Congratulations and good luck with your game. Looking forward to play it in the evening 🎮⚔️

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28.09.2019 12:43

Its a very good game, i tried it for free :)

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28.09.2019 12:47

played my first game, and won. it's fun :)

28.09.2019 14:17

Great game ! I am having fuuuuun ! You should add a 5steem bet option. As I feel people are reluctant to play for 10.

28.09.2019 16:12

I like this game, am enjoying it! I have two questions.

  1. when the connection is lost, how do we get back to the game?
  2. what is the difference between web and window version when install the game?
28.09.2019 16:15

!Felicitaciones! un gran proyecto #fivefingergames ,Que buen juego <3
!Congratulations! a great project #fivefingergames, What a good game <3
Facebook :Felix Nuñez

28.09.2019 17:38

I played one game today, it's really fun

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28.09.2019 20:28

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29.09.2019 13:50


Gonna go jump in now and get killed a million times before Alpha release!

29.09.2019 14:12