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Greetings to you all, dear members of steemkids community. We welcome you all to this new month. We are happy to have made it to this new month and we hope that we will continue growing and succeeding as the days go by.

It is always our delight to update you in our activities in the community so no one misses anything. This is going to be a cumulative report our activities since last month, our plans for this new month and also we will let you know the support that is available for us.

We, the steemkids community team, express our deep appreciation for you dear members who were constantly supporting us and making sure that your contents are original and in line with the community purpose. That way you lessoned the burdens on dear moderators of the community. We love you all for what you do and we encourage you to continue the good work and to do more greater things as well.

Reports for last month

During the past month, we thrived with the support of the chief curators, steemcurator01 and steemcurator02. We were able to achieve great heights due to the constant support we got from them.

Last month we also had the support of the booming accounts and we were submitting 5 quality posts in a day. We are happy to support our dear members in the little ways we can and we hope that you keep supporting us and sharing your quality contents with us.

Even though at the moment, there is no booming vote because of the problem encountered with the booming accounts. This has taken place for four days now but hopefully in the next one day, the booming will be back. Read the post below that we wrote five days ago and see the problem with the booming accounts and when it will be restored:

Attention! Attention!! Attention!!!👉 Booming support will Be Back In The Next 5 Days, Do Not Panic. All 5 Best Picks Of The Day Will Receive 100% Upvote From Our Curation Account Till The Next 5 Days

In the absence of booming, we have continued to support five top daily publications with 100% from @steemkidss account as we have promised in that post and we will keep doing so until everything is stabilized.

We have always been updating the community weekly and below are all the updates we gave for last month which is the month of march 2022:

Update #1 for March 2022

Update #1 for March 2022

Update #3 for March 2022

Update #4 for March 2022

There you can see all our achievements for last month and how we were able to run the community.

Our plans for April and the support available to us

There is no progress where there is no planning. So for this month, we have set plans that we hope to achieve.
We hope to grow higher and also support you all as well to grow.

We still have the support of the booming accounts for this month. We will keep submitting 5 quality publications to booming everyday. Be sure to post good quality contents so that you can be among those selected for booming.
Additionally, if you make posts and use the correct hashtags, you may be fortunate to receive votes from the steemcurators 4-8 accounts.
Please try and follow the daily dynamics of steemkids community. It was set up to cover all the topics for curation. If you post in the topics everyday and use the hashtags, it's possible that these curators will see your posts.

Click on the link below to see the daily dynamics of steemkids community:



See also the compilation of different hashtags to be used in order for your post to be seen by the Curators. Read this post by @ngoenyi below:

Aim Your Blows Where And How They Will Count: Use The April Community Curators Hashtags

We also appeal to you all to keep powering up to be in the club initiatives. We encourage you to upgrade to at least Club75. Doing this will gain you more support from the Curators and also from the community.

Growing our own steempower is to our own benefit and growth.


Our community purpose and curation account

We still maintain the purpose we started with. We are determined to support the kids from around the world. We keep encouraging and educating these dear ones and helping them to grow within the community.

Our Verification will still be for kids between the ages of 13-19 .

Curation account
Our curation account has continued growing thanks to all our supporters, Chief Curators, Delegators, dear members who contribute to us by setting beneficiaries, and all the others. We appreciate you all.

We continue to support our members using our curation account. Make sure to support all quality contents that have been examined by our moderators. This way we make sure that we are supporting only posts that are free from plagiarism and in line with our community purpose.
Below you can see the upvote chart for steemkidss:


We have continued to grow in many other aspects. Below you can see our community account stats:


We will keep powering up weekly no matter the resources that are available to us.

We will like to keep actively hosting contests with the community account so that we can as well keep supporting all users.

With the booming support we have we can support a total of 155 publications if we submit 5 accounts each day. Remember that we will also from time to time submit the publications made by the community itself depending on the amount of supports we receive from the chief curators. This will help us grow our steempower.

Our MOD's exclusive post will continue as it helps to to support all publications in the community, as well as dictate plagiarized contents.

Below is the current post for the week:

Week #13: Steemkids Members Support Program, Our Effective Tool For Checking Plagiarism|| Exclusively For The MODs||



We will like to plead with the chief curators to please, keep supporting our community publications as well as our members. This will assist us in growing our community accounts including that of our members. Although this is not certain, but we are still hopeful that we will be supported.



The following are our team members in steemkids community

Member Club status
@ngoenyi club75
@peachyladiva club75
@eliany club75
@benton3 club5050
@goodybest club75
@saracampero club5050
@ponpase club75
@humaidi club75
@madilyn02 club75
@sualeha club75
@event-horizon club75

These are the very active ones. Others are working on the background but we still value them.


We are grateful to all our supporters, our dear members who keep supporting us with their quality contents and delegations.
We will keep doing our best to support everyone and to make improvements in the areas that are necessary.


Support us by delegating STEEM POWER.

50SP100SP250SP500 Sp1000SP2500SP

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