“The Worst Part About Having A Mental Illness Is People Expect You To Behave As If You Don’t.”


It’s the next day and I still have chills going down my spine. It takes a lot for me to watch a movie, let alone step into a movie theatre. The Joker is nothing less than a work of art. A brilliant masterpiece. I can’t put in words how much I enjoyed this movie. And yet digesting a large popcorn is nothing compared to digesting what my eyes saw on the screen for two hours. The truth hurts all the more when you see it on a giant ass screen.

What hurts more than living with demons in your head is getting beaten down for it your whole life. Is there anything that brings more pain to the soul than killing your mind alive all the while receiving the daily confirmation that you are doing the right thing? I think that everyone is a potential Joker. Given the “right” ingredients, anyone can turn out the way the Joker did. We can put the blame on him, or put the blame on his environment that made him become that way. Healthy or not, how can one remain sane when no one is there to understand him? To love him?

Destroyed Human beings destroy human beings. Let’s break this chain of hurt by giving to our children the most secure and loving attachment.

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18.12.2019 11:58

And you want me to get a Life...lol... Actually, God is the Meaning of Life... So, what you said, could be Translated to mean... "Go find God"...

Yes, I saw the Movie... I worked on more Motion Pictures, that I'd want to admit... I've been around... I've been told that Liberalism is a Form of Mental Disorder...

December 18, 2019... 5.1 Hollywood Time...

18.12.2019 13:08

Glad to see you blogging again :)

18.12.2019 16:49

That is so sweet of you to say:) Thank you so much @ocdb 🧡

18.12.2019 21:21

I think it would help if we had less abuse in our society.

18.12.2019 19:15

I was a Victim of Down-Vote Abuse... I wasn’t even given a chance to defend myself, from the Linch Mob... They should have done their own research, before Casting Stones at me...
December 19, 2019... 16.8 Hollywood Time...

20.12.2019 00:49