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Hi everyone it's @LivingUKTaiwan here with the latest edition of the #traveldigest. I really enjoyed reading the top 3 posts today, they include a toilet museum (yes, you heard right!!) in Korea, a video tour of the best island in Thailand and a walk around in a beautiful Chinese garden in the USA. Hope you enjoy reading them, and the rest of the honourable mention posts.

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Travel Digest

#1 Mr Toilet House - A Poopy Post on Toilet Thursday by @abitcoinskeptic

The name of this picturesque museum and culture park is called Mr. Toilet House or HaeWooJae (해우재).It includes the museum (pictured here), a sculpture and art culture park, as well as a building with the national and global toilet association offices and an education center across the street.

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#2 BEST Island in THAILAND | Ultimate Guide to KOH KOOD by @jessestlouis

I found all the best snorkel spots, hidden beaches and insider tips to share with you about Koh Kood, the BEST island in Thailand! Even the budget backpacker can enjoy this paradise island loaded with pristine beaches and even one that many have called "the most beautiful beach in the world."

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#3 Winter In Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland, OR by @joshman

Lan Su Garden, located in downtown Portland, Oregon, offers a peaceful escape from the city. The garden is home to plants indigenous to China, including evergreen trees and shrubs. This makes it a beautiful spot, even in the cold season. This garden is as close as you can get to a classical garden of Suzhou, without actually visiting China.

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Honorable Mentions

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23.01.2020 17:05

Congrats to the winners! Great posts, some kinda funny and intriguing at the same time😉

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23.01.2020 17:31

It's amazing all the fun posts we get pinned to the Steemitworldmap. We're glad you enjoyed reading them

25.01.2020 18:00

Congratulations @steemitworldmap!
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24.01.2020 15:51

Don´t you think a post just referring to 3 other posts is a bit overrewarded?

25.01.2020 00:08

I personally do.
That's why I like it when the hit-parade, which reports what's happening on the blockchain without any censorship from me, puts light on such overrewarded posts.Posted with ![](

26.01.2020 16:26

Hello there, I want to explain a bit more how we work and why our Travel Digest is valued as highly as I feel this might not be known by everyone! 😄

Whilst it is true that the post itself is a selection of the three best travel posts on the map, combined with the honorable mentions, it's actually a lot of work for our curators, and a lot depends on it behind. On a daily basis they have to go through all the content added to Steemitworldmap (either directly or by other platforms using our services like Travelfeed). After going through all this content and curating it, not only is a Travelfeed created (which is highly loved by travelers as we have proven ourselves to always select good content) but this curation effort also updates the Steemitworldmap itself, it only shows the content selected by our curators. This in turn makes Steemitworldmap attractive for all people. Next to this, the curators also manually vote and comment on every post we select and make sure that these posts are rewarded properly by forwarding them to @blocktrades and often also to other Steemians and projects.

Next to all of this our team is also developing a mobile application called Haveyoubeenhere, which again helps to grow the Travel community on steem even more.

I hope this gives a bit more insight on what we do and why the community rewards us highly! 😄

If you have more questions, please let me know and I will answer them as best as I can!

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