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Hi everyone! @LivingUKTaiwan here with the weekend edition of the #TravelDigest.

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Travel Digest

#1 Driving on California State Route 1: Highway to heal by @koenau

If you go north you have the ocean over your left shoulder and the road straight ahead. This coastal road was decided in 1919, and after 18 years of inhumane laboring by prisoners, it was completed in 1937. Nowaday it is nearle 2000 kilometers long, leads through forests, small western towns, past steep cliffs, luxury houses and wide beaches.

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#2 La Gomera Hike #5: Vallehermoso by @for91days

While hiking on La Gomera, overcast skies are bad news, because if your trail takes you into the hills at all, you’ll literally be at cloud level. After we had ascended from Vallehermoso to the Ermita Santa Clara, we were enveloped in the clouds, with a visibility of no more than ten or twenty meters, completely obscuring what were supposed to be gorgeous views of the valley and coastline.

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#3 California Mountain Adventures - Summit Lake by @derekrichardson

From Black lake I continued up the trail to Fourth lake and tried a few more casts there. Then I headed around the north side of Fourth lake to the junction with the Summit lake trail and then up to Summit lake. I found a nice spot to setup camp at Summit lake and then spent the rest of the afternoon fishing there.

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Whaaaat? This totally made our day. Thank you!!!!!

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So many nice posts! I rush I had a magic carpet!
Thank you for all your support and wonderful map!

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Two California posts! That's what's up. We got it going on over here. lol!

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Thank you very much for the mention and the great support. @steemitworldmap

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