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Travel Digest #715


Hi everyone @LivingUKTaiwan here with the Thursday slightly late edition of the #TravelDigest. Today's featured posts takes us through a rather unpleasant travel experience through Vietnam, a historical visit to a Netherlands castle and an enchanting night stroll through a park in Bangkok.

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Travel Digest

#1 Vietnam Part 2: Harrison Ford & The 200 Grand Baguette by @adambarratt

I arrived in Hanoi following the sleeper bus. We were greeted by the crowds of hawks pushing and shoving to get your business as you step off the bus. I took the services of one of them to drive me to the hostel. I asked how much, he said it was on the metre.Ok I thought. It’s better to be on the metre in Thailand. Not so much in Vietnam it would seem.Suffice to say I was grossly overcharged. Ripped off if you will. I was watching this thing tick over hoping that I was reading it wrong. When I brought up the subject with the driver he was vague and changed the subject.

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#2 Hoensbroek castle by @delishtreats

It was a typical Dutch weather that day. It was raining and so windy that it didn't matter if you had an umbrella or not. You got wet anyway. It was difficult to take photos with my camera as I don't have any special rain cover, so I just quickly ran around the complex, took as many photos as I could and headed inside. Well, 'quickly ran around' is not that exact as the complex is quite big and it took me some time to get inside.

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#3 King Rama IX Park by Night Reflections !! by @hangin

here is one thing i really enjoy here in Bangkok during the celebrations of Christmas and New Year and that is how the city of Bangkok lights up and shines like one big huge Christmas tree but apart from the city been decorated like one big Christmas tree most of the more popular parks are lit up and decorated as well so tonight i am going to take you for a walk around Rama IX Park.

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