Never Let Anyone Bring You Down

If you want to be an achiever, you need to be confident and never let anyone break that confidence, you need to learn how to bounce back. When you put a lot of hard work into something, don't let anyone destroy it, as an example say that you are writing a steemit post and you've put a lot of time into it and made a great quality post, someone flags and down votes it for no reason, what do you do ? You don't sit down a cry about it, you bounce back stronger than before and write an even better post. In order to achieve your dreams you can't let people stop you, if you work hard and are persistent, people that try to take you down are just another roadblock you need to get over. 

You see a few days ago my post about motivation and improvement was down voted and hit 0, it's not accessible because of low ratings and what do I do about it, I'm certainly not gonna let this take me down, I am going to rise even higher and be better than before. You should aspire to be better too every single day, don't let someones  agenda stop you, nobody will break you if you motivate yourself, stay positive, confident and try improving, these roadblocks are reasons to improve and every time you overcome each one, you will become a better person in every way possible.

So keep on improving without letting anybody stop you, and if someone tries to, be even stronger than before, the more someone tries to break you the stronger you become, so overcome and move on, always aspiring to reach your goals. 

Remember that no one can stop you if your intention is good, and your will power unbreakable. Turn the impossible into possible, there is no stopping you.

Have A Great Day @Steemitwarrior

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I like it , it is motivation and huge support to all of us at steemit.

23.10.2019 19:25

Thank you very much, no one can take us down when we are together.

23.10.2019 20:28

Thank you very much,
No one can take us down when
We are together.

                 - steemitwarrior

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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Of course, thank you very much.

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