How To Master The Art Of War

Everybody needs to master the art of war, war doesn't mean fighting, the best type of war is war that is won without fighting, you need to outsmart your opponent and stop his overall progress, before he causes more damage to you.

  1. You need to figure out his strategy ( if he leaves to many trails in the sand, his movements will be easy to figure out), Cause a ruckus between his ranks and make his whole system collapse with your mind games. Cause a panic between his soldiers and his citizens (A kingdom without it's people is nothing, and will collapse quickly). You need to figure out his top generals and warriors and make them panic (if the strongest warriors and generals are afraid, your opponents army will be weakened).

  1. You need to be fast and intelligent, if the opponent has more troops than you, don't attack first, bait him into a trap and lead him with false leads. You and your soldiers need to be adaptable and flexible (no matter the conditions), you need to know when to retreat and not let your ego carry out the order.

  1. If you are not an honest, moral, determined and calculated person you will never win the war, if you are not honest with your troops and generals, your rewarding and punishing system is of balance, chaos will ensue among your ranks and your army will collapse, don't let your personal agenda cloud your judgment.

  1. You defense is as good as your offense, you need to organize a strategy and hide your trails, never use the same strategy twice, always make a new and improved one, if a previous strategy has lead you to a win, this doesn't mean that will happen again (you are not facing the same opponent and if you are your opponent has adapted since your last encounter). Don't make your strategy predictable, never charge first into battle, play your opponent and set him up for a trap, by outsmarting him.

  1. If you are a cowardly leader your troops will follow in your footsteps, you need to set an example for your troops and always motivate them (show them you are on their side), any army will fall apart without good leadership and if the leader has no good virtues, that help your troops gain an advantage he shouldn't be the leader.

These five points written here are the most useful things I picked up from the book " The Art Of War " written by Sun Wu, it was written 2500 years ago and still holds up even today, it is one the most useful books I have read and I really recommend it.

All photos were taken from Pixabay

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"Who is your enemy?"

"Good to know"

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There is no need for an enemy, the are of war is a mandatory skill.

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