The Biggest Leadership is Shown Through Humanity - How to Defeat the Covid Pandemic

In this very hard time in history, this thesis is very important and I feel very proud that I am a part and can add value to this topic, I hope and deeply believe that this tragedy, loss of lives, loss of jobs and crashing of companies as well as entire economies will end soon, that the Corona Virus will soon be defeated. I will now give my opinion why these Covid technology patents should be lifted.

Point #1 – This tragedy, the corona virus pandemic is the biggest evil in the world right now and patents should not exist when the most important value the human life is endangered. When the world would be an open source for scientists and science teams, so that everyone can contribute their work, we would get to better solutions faster, as a comparison we could use any open source website, let’s say Wikipedia, where people can work together and create better ideas faster, teamwork makes the dream work and in this situation countless of lives would be saved.

Point #2 – Patents shouldn’t exist when something like this is happening, the innovators and companies behind these patents should not make a fortune off the suffering of human lives. Many scientists in the world don’t have the resources for clinical studies, laboratories, materials, but they could share their ideas, innovations, suggestions in order to save the world and get to the greater good.

Point #3 – The people who have the resources have the best chance to create a cure, that means that big pharmaceutical companies have the advantage in making a solution.

Let’s take a look at today’s vaccines, Pfitzer, Astra Zeneka, Sputnik, Moderna, Chinese Vaccine, all the vaccines created we’re made by big companies in big countries which have great political and economic power. That means when the patents are lifted, every company big or small, every scientist will be able to work towards creating a solution and these big companies will have no interest to lobby their own product except for marketing purposes, here we see that there exists a far greater chance that a full solution will be established. These big companies would open and support new inventions in order to gain glory and great promotions for saving humanity.
Point #4 – Equality, everyone has the same starting point and the individual competitive spirit is unlocked, people would do a lot of things for money, but they would do everything for glory, who wouldn’t want to save the world and have their name be worshipped ? If we look a historical examples, like Nelson Mendella, Christopher Columbo and Martin Luther King Jr, these people fought for a greater cause and they fought for something that can’t be bought with money and that is glory, they risked everything for this purpose and in doing this they managed to change the world, the corona virus is a far bigger challenge than the ones they faced, a lot of people will be motivated to create a solution and to have their names be heard and to be imbedded in the history books. As Dale Carnegie the founder of the greatest communication school in the world once said in his book ,, How to win friends and influence people “ ,, People would do a lot of things for money, but they would die for glory “.

Point #5 – Patents are connected with the personal ego and material interest, when patents are not in play, then the real leaders of this world come to the surface, like Mahatma Ghandi who managed to create the independence of India with protesting without violence, we need true leaders in this world, if these people take charge then this situation will be resolved in the quickest way possible, this is a time where we need to give and not take and these true leaders are the ones who give, that is what truly matters right now.

Point #6 – The people of this planet have a far bigger interest in donating in order to achieve salvation, especially the ones who have money and have suffered at the hands of the Corona Virus, the ones that have lost loved ones, this makes people more caring, this time is a time of unification against this threat, let’s take a look at Michael J. Fox, this man has a foundation for research on Parkinsons disease, this foundation has a deep personal meaning to him, because he himself is affected by Parkinsons, he was and is willing to give it all his got to save the world from that disease, because he knows the effects and consequences it carries, in this time of need we see people like him every day, who have lost someone and want to help, lifting these patents will allow these people to help more with finding a true cure for the entire population.

Point #7 – The price of these cures, will be lowered, this is because there will be no personal material interest and because a lot of companies will work in order to create a solution, this means that the number of created innovations, cures will increase as the product volume increases the price drops.

Point #8 – Time is the most important factor here, the fastest way to support all the creative innovators who want to contribute, to secure financial support, to upgrade and exchange knowledge is removing these patents, this gives us the much needed factor of success. Our goal is to save time and to save lives, if we remove patents faster, we will save more lives, because together in harmony as a race we are able to achieve anything.

I will now start my conclusion

These 8 points are the main ones and the rest of the over 100 points I found are at the core and are connected inside of these 8 points. When we lift patents we show true leadership in the fight for our human lives. We are removing personal interest, greed, the factor of ego, we are showing the best parts of our character, which makes us leaders, not just ordinary leaders, we become true lions. We don’t have the liberty of time to be irresponsible and to create business games, this is not politics, we are talking about our own existence. Money will be acquired for these projects and innovations, because there are many who share the compassion and are willing to give their support. This is the moment where true leaders shine, like stars, this is not a time for selfishness, this is a time where history puts names in the holy book. Every crisis teaches us to work together, to understand each other, to overcome our differences, together we stand, together we win.

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