📢Contest Steemit Nursery Community : How You Represent Steemit to Your Friends & Family?


Hello Steemians, welcome to this wonderful contest. Today we are presenting to you a contest tagged “How you represent Steemit to your friends and family ”. This contest is basically for new steemians under the level of Newborn, Toddler, and Infant. So if you are under these levels, this contest for you.

The Steemit platform is a social media platform. Surviving here alone is not fun. You should bring your acquaintances under this platform. This will make your time very happy. You will definitely like to see the blog shared by your friends and family members. Also, if you share your good and bad moments on this platform, the comments you get from close people. it will make you happy just like any other social media. There are also many good aspects to using this platform with your own people.

That's why you need to tell your friends and family about this platform. And they will be attracted only if you can express the beauty of this steemit platform to everyone. So we want to know 'how you represent the steemit platform to your friends and family.

Rules Of This Contest

  • This contest is open to steemians under the level of Newborn, Toddler, and Infants. any language is welcomed. Plagiarism is Highly Prohibited! If caught will be banned from the contest
  • Be creative and share quality content about this topic. Write in details at least 250 words, and use pictures if any. But don't forget to cite pictures that are gotten from the internet
  • Make sure to use this tag #steemitSpread, #steemexclusive and also don't forget to mention @rex-sumon somewhere in your content so we can easily find your content
  • Please share your post on Twitter or Facebook, tagging @steemit, #steemitSpread, and then share the link or an image in the comments section of your post.
  • Share your entry link on the comment section of this post. if post not shared on the comment section will not be counted
  • Post must be within The steemit Nursery community, post outside this community will not be counted, please don't forget Resteem this post, so that more people find out about this contest.


We will select 5 winners, who will receive support from the "booming" curation, in an active post within the Steemit Nursery community.

Even after selecting the top 5 posts, if some good quality posts are left out of the selection, then the next 2 will be given 3, 2, 1 steem respectively. This will be provided from the @rex-sumon account.

Note:- Please do well to follow the rules, winners will be selected based on the rules. This Contest Begins Today being July 9th and will be Running till 16th July at 06:00 PM (UTC) . Thank you.

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Wow interesting contest

08.07.2021 17:04

This is interesting

12.07.2021 05:52


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08.07.2021 19:32

me gusta, quiero participar

08.07.2021 21:13

Nice one, good luck to new comers

09.07.2021 03:34

Its a nice one to write about

09.07.2021 05:34

Great! Very good contest. I want to participate!

Let's go! xD

09.07.2021 13:54

Impressive contest dear

09.07.2021 15:19

Excelente concurso y buenas idea.

Tengo una duda los usuarios que tenga la etiqueta de alumni podemos participar

10.07.2021 03:38

Hola, sí, sí pueden participar 😊

11.07.2021 17:37

ok gracias

11.07.2021 18:16

Waaaooo!!! Very nice contest! I want to participate...

11.07.2021 03:18
12.07.2021 22:27

This is my entry
Click here

12.07.2021 23:21

the amazing contest where newbies can join and become a winner.

13.07.2021 15:02
13.07.2021 15:46

Buenas noches, mi participación en el Concurso aquí


¡Dios les bendiga!
14.07.2021 00:12

Mi participación 🙋‍♀️


14.07.2021 01:45

how i can know in which category I belong on @steemit nursery?

14.07.2021 11:55

My entry


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14.07.2021 16:48

Good day! I posted the contest in the telegram channel: https://t.me/steemit_contests. Good luck!

14.07.2021 17:26

Thank You for sharing Your insights...and this latest contest.

14.07.2021 20:44

I like to joint contest good scheme

15.07.2021 15:36

This is my Entry


15.07.2021 17:13

Hello @rex-sumon here is my participation link.


And my tweet


I resteemed this post.

After my post I got the Alumni tag! Please consider my participation post. Thank you.

15.07.2021 17:19

Hello @rex-sumon my participation!


My tweet!


I resteemed this post.

Few minutes ago I got the Alumni tag while writing this post. Please consider my participation. Thank you.g

15.07.2021 19:33

This is a cool contest.

16.07.2021 09:10