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Member Highlight #14 | Get To Know A Mama @fitinfun

Good evening all mamas out there!

It's Christmas Eve weekend and with just another four days to Christmas, I had wanted to share something more for this week's post of Member Highlight.

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So, what is all this about ?

Let's Get To Know Hot Mama is all about introducing and highlighting one Mama on a weekly basis in the community who is active and produces great content! This is apart from our weekly curation post of course!


For this week, @fitinfun is our shining star!
Here's a short introduction to @fitinfun

@fitinfun is known to many of us as Sharon; a Canadian but have spend most of her life in the US. Before arriving to Malaysia; Sharon spend 2.5 years in Thailand. It was through two other #steemitmamas ambassadors; @iamjadeline & @happycrazycon who inspired @fitinfun to join the #steemitmamas discord community and eventually #teammalaysia as well.

Being a single mother supporting her son the entire time, @fitinfun had a tough journey in life. Instead of drowning herself in sorrow due to her poor health & the many life obligations, @fitinfun chose to rise above it all. Taking hold of her life back, she made life changing decisions for the betterment of herself and her son. That's what we mothers do for our loved ones. Never ending sacrifice.

@fitinfun has been on Steemit for over two years and she blogs about weight loss in general, parenting, minnow tips, free write, photo posts and travel. She has recently created @fitinfunfood blog and it has been a good success.

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In this week's curation, I found @fitinfun's post on My 2019: Achievements and Failures Recap really inspirational. She talks about her achievement and failures in her journey through 2019. Not many of us would dare to openly share such deep and personal information to the world; but not @fitinfun. For that, she has my utmost respect.

2019 has been a good year for me. All years - and days - are good for me as long as I am here breathing and living to try again.

In @fitinfun's post on My 2019: Achievements and Failures Recap, she reminds us that our health is important to all of us. Any health problems are unacceptable disturbance to our normal daily life routine. So, more natural health and less feeling bad!

In Conclusion
I have many more failures and successes this year, but I want to keep this post in check. The first that came to my mind are the most important anyway if you believe in the power of our minds to create reality.

2020 with great hopes, better health, and better plans. May this be the best year ever for all of us.

@fitinfun said all the right words which sometimes we need to listen word for word. if I'm at her age, I want to say that I've done it right finally and though there's much failures holding me back; there's also plenty of happiness and success pushing me forward.


Merry Christmas @fitinfun and all mamas out there!

Happy mama,


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