Verification System: PART 2 | This Me Button | Coming Soon |

Hello Everyone:

Today, I will share with you a detailed announcement about the 2nd Part of the Verification System that I started in the SteemFoods Community. We continue to grow and develop in the SteemFoods Community. As of today, we have more than 5500 subscribers in the SteemFoods Community and many active users who share content throughout the day. The number of users joining the SteemFoods Community to both the steemit platform is increasing day by day. I started the Verification System to get to know our participants in the SteemFoods Community, to see real users and to increase the level of security. There is a great interest in this system and thanks to all our users who supported the improvements I made by participating in this system. If you have not participated in the Verification System, you must join this system. By clicking the link below, you can get information about the first part of the Verification System and join the system.

Verification System_ PART 2 _ This Me Buton _ CominSoon _ (2).png

**NOTE: There are many developments that I am interested in during the day. Such as controlling the participation in the contest I organize, distribution of delegation awards and partnership badges, comment support for new users. I'm trying to check all comments about the verification system, there are too many comments so be patient.

Now I will give detailed information about Part 2 of Verification System.

Verification System Part 2 | This Me Button | Coming Soon |

I would like to get to know all of our users in the SteemFoods Community. Especially on the steemit platform, many users are trying to get votes by using two accounts, we only try to support our real users. That's why many users have selfie photos in the first part of the Verification System. Now, with This Me Button, we will strengthen our security system.

What is This Me Button?

First of all, you should prepare a promotional letter of yourself. This applies to all of our users in the SteemFoods Community. In the introductory article, you will prepare a promotional letter that includes information such as who you are, how old you are, who is your family member on the steemit platform, and how long you have been using steemit. I will check all of these white papers in detail, so you should prepare a cover letter containing only your real and accurate information. You will include this white paper at the bottom of each post in the SteemFoods Community as:

This Me

  • You must prepare your This Me button promotional post in English. In this way, I can read your promotional posts faster and get to know you.
When Will It Start?

This system is just an announcement for now and hasn't started yet. After announcing the results of the contest I organized and after completing the SteemFoods Content Creation Lessons, this system will begin in detail. We are currently in the second part of the Content Creation Lessons, our topic in the second week:

Second Week: Promoting Yourself in the SteemFoods Community

So I am thinking of starting this system faster by combining it with SteemFoosd Content Creation Tutorials. For more information about Content Creation Tutorials, you can review the post below.

SteemFoods Content Creation Lessons Begins | First Homework | Verify Your Account



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Good job

06.04.2021 12:42

Excelente!!! 😉😉😉

06.04.2021 13:23

amazing idea .

06.04.2021 13:50

It is good idea so that you know the original user of each account

06.04.2021 15:11

Hmm good

30.04.2021 11:04

This is a great idea sir, so we can minimize those hunting votes because Steemfoods is growing faster day by day..

Maybe all verified users will use this kind of logo with their name and age, and about them.


Agreed sir..

06.04.2021 15:43

Hello :

This is a good idea, but I would like to see the user's introduction in detail. So I will ask each user to create This Me Button and add it to the bottom of each post. We are currently in the first phase of the Verification System, and the This Me button I mentioned in this post will soon begin. Thank you for your interest and opinion.

06.04.2021 19:20

Me button is great idea, and i am excited to see the progress soon.

Thank you for spending time to reply sir.

06.04.2021 23:34

Es una excelente idea, soy principiante en esta comunidad, y estoy muy emocionada de poder compartir mis recetas, ya que cada una tiene un toque personal. Si hay mas seguridad habrá más confianza.

07.04.2021 12:42

Feliz día amigos de @steemitfoods hoy por primera vez, realice una delegacion a la comunidad.



06.04.2021 16:08

Hola :

Muchas gracias por apoyarnos al tener 50 delegaciones de SP. Te convertiste en Socio Bronce de la Comunidad SteemFoods al delegar 50 SP. Felicidades. Agregué la insignia de Socio Bronce junto a su nombre. :)

06.04.2021 19:16

muchas gracias

06.04.2021 22:05

This is a welcome development. Steemfoods is really impressing me with the detailing and organisation. Kudos to all the admin.

06.04.2021 17:02


06.04.2021 17:56


06.04.2021 19:44

This is good

06.04.2021 20:19

It's a great idea, all the work you do is great, congratulations

06.04.2021 20:59

Es maravilloso el trabajo que realizas. Aplausos.....

06.04.2021 22:34
07.04.2021 00:35

Loved your post and liked it too.

07.04.2021 03:04

Que buena iniciativa para los que queremos emprender en la comunidad de Steemfoods de verdad así nos conoceremos más y sería más seguro felicidades ya quiero empezar con el botón me 👍 saludos @alikoc07 y @Steemfoods

07.04.2021 04:15

Hola amigos de #steemfoods esta es mi entrada para la verificación.
Saludos 😊


07.04.2021 04:34

Hola @steemfoods !!! Buen día les hice una pequeña delegación de 50 Sp. .... Feliz día!!! ☺

07.04.2021 09:26

This is a good advancement, hopefully, we will see further development in the community too. Keep up the good work

07.04.2021 11:46

That would be great, we also will get to know people around the world and come closer!

07.04.2021 14:22


07.04.2021 14:52

Estaré pendiente para este sistema de verificación,

07.04.2021 15:06

Thank you so much @steemitfoods for the notice. I strongly support this new system, because, with this system, steemit particular in the STEEMFOODS community will be more avoided from cheating. Although I have twice shared my posts on STEEMFOODS and very few have given upvotes, I still support any policies that have a positive impact on the continuation of steemit and the community of course.

07.04.2021 15:43

Hola muy buenas tardes, espero se encuentren muy bien, en esta tarde haré mi verificación, días anteriores se me hizo difícil por el internet y la falla de luz... Mi nombre es @rona2409 una persona sencilla y muy trabajadora me encanta la comida y prepararla aún más por lo cual me encanta esta comunidad

foto de @rona2409/2126 Villa De Cura Estado Aragua Venezuela
08.04.2021 20:11

Muchas gracias por participar en el sistema de verificación de usuarios. Su cuenta ha sido verificada con éxito. Agregué su insignia de cuenta verificada junto a su nombre. Felicidades . No olvides agregar una foto selfie según el contenido que hayas preparado en tu contenido en la Comunidad SteemFoods. :)

08.04.2021 20:59

It is a very good idea.

09.04.2021 11:51

Hola amigos @SteemFoods mi usuario @lastrajulio soy nuevo espero su aprobación de verificación.


09.04.2021 20:38
170535400_4046983305358723_4985733017821308066_n (1).jpg
10.04.2021 02:44

Hola comunidad, mi nombre es Gilberto González, paso por aquí a realizar mi verificación.


12.04.2021 00:17

This is great news,we.are looking forward for this new project.thnks

13.04.2021 14:06


19.04.2021 04:55

hola mi nombre es @yenifer24 me gusta mucho la cocina y por eso quiero pertenecer a esta comunidad
WhatsApp Image 2021-04-19 at 10.59.54 AM.jpeg

19.04.2021 20:42

Greetings and blessings I will be attentive to start my button.

Thank you.

21.04.2021 18:24


22.04.2021 23:28

Hola amigos, Me llamo Marcos Centeno @socram, soy de Cumaná estado Sucre- Venezuela y estoy esncantado de formar parte de esta gran comunidad @steemfoods

29.04.2021 04:36